Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hawaii-Day 16

Beautiful day. I am thankful.

The morning started bright and early as I went over to at 5:30am to babysit for a mom who was trying to get her son a slot in a pre-school here. (I am happy to announce that all went well and he got in!)

The rest of the afternoon was spent picking Ava up from school, going to the "big playground", dancing around the kitchen to my Israeli dancing music as I cleaned the kitchen (that makes it go so much faster!) and trying on a thousand outfits for my senior photo shoot next week. A play date at the park with friends and a beautiful dinner out finished up the evening. 

One note on Hawaii. I have come to realize that there is one more reason I really enjoy it here. The culture here is like a mix between America and a foreign culture. Unlike when going to a foreign country, if you speak english here, everyone understands you,  and that is the accepted "normal" here. (Even though if you go into down town Waikiki every other word you hear is Japanese because apparently this is the ultimate Japanese tourist spot!) But on the other end of that, there are many words that are different (as in Aloha, Maholo (thank you) Keiki (kids) Kamaaina (local) ect. As well is small culture differences, like giving the "shocka" (I have no idea how to correctly spell that) as well as just the easy going way of life. It's almost like if you moved from Vermont to Texas. You are still living in the same country, but it might not feel that way at first, as they have two totally different cultures. 

Planting plants yesterday :)

First time I have seen "magic" growing dirt!

I LOVE me some hawaiian rainbows.

Playground today.

Dinner tonight with a beautiful view of Pearl Harbor.

The Purple rolls. They don't look that purple in the picture, but they really were purple. They tasted very similar to the hawaiian sweet rolls you can buy at the store.

The beautiful skyline around pearl harbor after the sun set.

Ford Island bridge.


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