Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney World

So hello again... I am very sorry for not blogging at all while I was at DW, I had not realized that I would not have free internet access. So now I am going to just try and give you an overview of the whole trip.
Well, as soon as the Paxtons arrived at the airport we went down and met them at the Bus transpertation that Disney provieds for those staying at their resorts. (Disney's Magical Exspress) While we were waiting in line for our bus to come Alex commented that Disney owned half the Orlando airport. Which they actually own quite alot of it. As soon as we arrived at the resort I was totally impressed with Disney. They tried their hardest to make everything from checking-in to checking-out a complete brezze. While the Paxtons checked in they had a kids area with a Disney movie on. We decided to eat our first meal at the resort's restrant before they took us over to our cabin. (We were staying in a very nice (brand new) part of Saratoga Springs resort, called the Tree house Villas) These were complete seprate cabin-like structures, that were 8 feet off the ground. They opened in June of this year so they were just lovley inside, packed with the newest of everything, (including granite counter tops, the coolest facuets you may every see, and a flat-screen TV in every room.) They were made up of 1 large living area (Kitchen, Dining table, Bar, and Living room.) A master bed room with huge jaccusi bath and lovley shower, and 2 more bedrooms (1 with a bunk bed the other with a queen.) With a secon bathroom to share. It was a perfect place for all 9 of us to stay for 8 days! I shared a room with Hannah (2) and Rebekah (9). Joshua (4) and Jonathan (12) slept in the bunk room, which by the way had the most amazing matresses in teh world... no joke! And Alex (16) and Riley slept in the pullouts in the living room. After we had dinner a cast memeber (as Disney calls them) took us over by golf cart to our cabin. It was actually about a 5 min walk by path to the actuall resort, or you could catch a bus (which ran every 20 mins.) Our cabin was right by the pool which was just wonderful... so on afternoons while the babies and parents napped I could take the kids over to the pool to swim. We setteled into our cabin and were planning on going back over to the main pool at the resort to watch their movie at the pool they had every night... but it started to storm. So we ended up spending a very relaxing evening in the cabin, getting ready to go to Magic Kingdom in the moring.

Thursday Day 1
We started DW out with Magic Kingdom. Because we were staying at the resort we got the extra magic hours (1 park is open an hour early in the morning or Resort guests and 1 is open 3 hours late for us.) Because of this we could actually get quite alot of stuff done before the real crowds started to show up. We were able to go on both splah mountain, Big Thunder mountain and many other of the most popular rides. We had lunch at a Counter service (We were doing the Disney Dining plan, which was way worth the money in my opition. I will talk more about this later.) We went back to the cabin for a relaxing afternoon, I took the kids to the main pool (which was big and had a slide) while parents napped. We had dinner reservations at the Garden grill at Epcot. (On the dining plan we got 1 snack, 1 counter service and 1 sit down meal a day. Mr. and Mrs. Paxton had worked it all out before hand and made all the reservations for the sit downs) The garden grill was served family style which I really liked. They brought as much salad rolls and food as we could eat. (The rolls here were oatmeal honey rolls, and were the best rolls I had all week!) For the main course we had Turkey, Beef and Salmon With sides. For dessert we had a berry cobbleer with Vanilla bean Wipped cream that tasted like ice cream (we said if the wipped cream tastes like Ice cream you know it can't possibly be healthy for you!) We were all so stuffed we could barley eat any of the dessert. ( This is the main reason I loved the meal plan, it came with a soad and dessert every meal (counter service or sit down) which if we had not been on the meal plan we would not have orded all of that each time. But we left each meal so stuffed we almost never even got hungry till the next meal (which says alot for walking around Disney all day!) Normally if we had gone with out the meal plan we would have been snacking on junk food all day long. (Costing us a lot of money.) This is the main reason I think the meal plan is really worth the money you pay for it.) Anyways, the dinner was fantastic, and the restrant was awesome. (it rotated in a cirlce!) But we came out to pouring rain and 2 soaked strollers.. :( We ended up getting wet and walking around world showcase for a little. We tried to go to the indoor shows. We saw o'Canada which was a informaltional show about Canada but in a 360 thearte which was actually really cool. That night we also saw an american show, (Which was basically the whole history of America in 30 mins... very boring.) and then the epcot fireworks show which was very cool. The babies were exsausted on the way home and both feel asleep on the bus. I would say that it was a great first day and a wonderful start to our Disney vacation!

Ok so My hands are getting soar i will try to write more later!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello from Orlando!

Hey everyone! Well Riley and I are sitting in the Orlando Airport right now waiting for the Paxtons to get here on their filight.
Our flight went well, we watched half of wall-e and got bored the we just played games on the computer and blink the rest of the time. The most intresting thing so far was that every single one of the flight attendants were men. I can't remeber having a male one before let alone three of them. They we nice, but not quite as friendly.
Well Riley is bugging me to get off so he can play a game. I had better go eat lunch before the Paxtons get here. Will write more later.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Start

Well Hi! Thank you whoever you are for reading this blog. I recently sae the movie Julie&Julia and it inspired me to start my own blog. This blog is just about me.. My joys, (hence the name)my trials and my life. I am leaving for Disney World tomorrow so I thought this would be a good time to start blogging!! I hope you enjoy!