Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hawaii-Day 12

Well, today was quite the day, to say the least. The morning started out wonderful, with a little shopping and playground-playing for Owen and I. After picking up Ava, having some lunch and a nap, we headed into Waikiki. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon eating some more shaved ice, relaxing by the pool and playing at the beach. After that was finished is when things got interesting. I had planned to grab some dinner and then sit on the beach to watch the 7:30 fire works. But by the time we were done getting all changed, all of the little snack shacks had closed, and all of sit down restaurants had 1 hour wait times. So we start walking, and I figure we can find a restaurant eventually. Not. At about 7:15 I am no where close to the beach, still wandering around for a restaurant that does not have an hour wait time and was less then $40 a plate. We race back to the beach having found no where (not even a Mcdonalds!) and sit down to watch the fire works. And then 7:40 comes, then 7:50, and finally, at 8:00, the fireworks come on. We watch them, and then we slowly make our way to the restaurant I had gotten a pager for before we sat down. It was a restaurant right by the beach, and the only one that had under an hour wait time. Though the food turned out to be wonderful, it was definitely not the best restaurant for one person with two little kids at 8:30 at night. You had to cook your own meat, on your own personal grill. The kids were absolute ANGELS as we waited 10 minutes for my food to cook. I can not express in words how amazing they were. I did not hear one single complaint, and they did not act out once. Just sat quietly watching the food cook and making the occasional comment. For a 3, and 5 year old who were over tired and starving, this is a true miracle. 

One of the many things I learned today was that people really are kind. Though I did get a few not so nice looks as I plowed through places with my double stroller, in general people were so helpful. Weather it meant helping me carry a stroller up the stairs, or moving something out of the way of the stroller, or even flipping my burger for me, everyone was quick and happy to help. And that is what made the night wonderful for me.

"and the heavens declare the glory of God."


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