Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today was yet another wonderful day. I am starting to get to know my way around and I am still amazed at the weather. I am one of those people that is not a huge fan of summer, and loves 4 seasons, especially snow. But if you offered for me to live on Hawaii, I might just have to take you up. The weather here is to die for. I could spend ALL day outside.

This morning I went to something called "the swap meet" which is kind of like a big flea market/souvenir thing that is outside of Aloha stadium. There are vendors that literally go all the way around the outside of the stadium. I had a wonderful time shopping and bargaining, and eating the best food! I would share the cool things I got, but that would spoil the surprise for all of you I am bringing  gifts home for. The food was sooooo good though! I had the best pineapple ever (it's grown here) and hula bread that was made fresh this morning. Both were incredibly delicious!

We then had a picnic at the park with some friends, and again, the weather makes everything enjoyable :)

We had a quick nap time and then I played outside with Owen while Ava went to ballet.

A wonderful dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and building a fort with the couch cushions wrapped up the night.

Overall, a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable day.

I am starting to get the feel of Hawaii life. It's very easy going here. People take their time. They don't tend to rush. They enjoy doing everything outdoors. They are very proud of their Hawaiian culture.

p.s. I am desperately trying to gather a pre-order of the book Bloom, inorder to get a special something.  Please e-mail/call me if you are at all interested in pre-ordering a book! They are currently $15.99 on Amazon. Here is the link :


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