Monday, November 7, 2011

LA and beyond

Hello all! Haven’t written here in quite some time! I am sure you all are used to this by now and honestly, I am not sure it will improve much in the next couple of months. My life has been busy. Exhaustingly busy. But life is good, I am happy, and God continues to teach me lessons daily.

Since I have last posted, I have been to a Teenpact Alumni event called Back 2 DC. I have been to Texas and driven to LA, and back to Texas again. And then home. I have been busy looking up colleges and having fall photo shoots. And now I am in the airport right now on my way to TN and KY to visit a college.

I hope you enjoy some photos from LA. The trip was wonderful, despite a few bumps (like the hotel packing up all our stuff into plastic bags.) After the trip, I have decided the beach is my favorite place in America. It was like magic for the kids. While we were on the beach we had a great time, there was no fighting, it was so peaceful and enjoyable. And it was a blast to take pictures! You really couldn’t get a bad angle, everything was so beautiful. Anyways, enjoy!

 First day in LA, first look at the beach.
 Super excited to be here!

 Enjoying the COLD water.

 The gorgeous beach even though it was not a sunny day.

 Throwing rocks in the water.
 I just love the movement in this one.

 The playground by our hotel.

 Gorgeous girl.
 Sweet smile.

 Beautiful eyes.

 Footprints in the sand.

 I love water on my feet.

 Building sand castles.

 Just enjoying the water.

 Posing in the water.

 Loving water and waves.

 Building a "sand tub". (All 4 of us were actually able to 

 More fun in water. If you can tell, we REALLY enjoyed the beach.

 More sand castle building.
 Me on the beach.

Hope you enjoyed so many photos!

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