Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hawaii-Day 17

Crazy weather today on the island of Oahu. Or actually, it was pretty normal weather. We just went different places. And as I have learned in the past few weeks, everywhere on the island is very different. It can be raining at the gate of the base, and yet bright and sunny on the base beach, 5 minutes away. Also, Waikiki NEVER gets rain. Something about the way the wind comes of the ocean keeps the clouds away. But it is almost always sunny out there. And along with different weather, comes different climates. The side of the Island I have been staying on gets rain, and so it looks a lot like what would would imagine Hawaii. Green grass, palm trees, ect. Then you go over to another side of the island (the side we were on today) and it feels like you just steeped into the desert. I literally felt like I was in AZ again, cacti and all. Then I have been told there is like a rainforest part of the island, but I haven't been there yet :)

Today was another adventure day, which I enjoy so very much. (Honestly, I enjoy both the home days and adventure days equally. One is fun and exciting, the other is relaxing and just what I wanted out of a trip to Hawaii :)
Anyways, onto business! We went back to the Maka'pu lighthouse today, except we didn't actually hike the trail to the lighthouse. We walked the little path down to the beach and had a picnic lunch. The enjoyed a wonderful few hours collecting sea glass and playing in the water. I found a little pool in the rocks that was just a few inches deep but it had about 12 crabs (that I saw) in their little shells. I could have looked and played with them all day! We had a relaxing evening with some delicious chicken sandwiches at home!

Enjoying the ride out there with the wonderful breeze.

KoKo head that Mr. and Mrs. B climbed two weeks ago. It has over 1000 "steps" to the the top. (The steps are really old railroad tracks.

Hiking out to the beach

It reminded me so much of AZ.

And then 5 seconds later you get to here, and you don't feel like your in AZ anymore!

This sand was really pretty, but I couldn't get the color right. It was almost a gray-blue. 

Because of all the wind we had today, there was ALOT of waves. And they were huge. It was really cool to watch!

I could spend all day with my feet in the sand.

One of the many pretty shells found.

More waves.

A shell Ava found, and all of a sudden a crab came crawling out of it! 

Playing tag on the beach.

A different beach that we stopped at so I could get a picture of the "blow hole." It kind of where rocks make a V and when waves crash up against it water shoots in the air like a blow hole on a whale. I thought I had gotten a better picture of it then this, but I guess not. You can kind of see it in the distance.

There were HUGE waves on this beach that came right up to the sand. People were literally surfing onto the sand. It was neat to watch.


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