Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hawaii-Day 10 (and a giveaway!)

Yet another wonderful day on the magical land of Oahu :)

Today I went to the swap meet again in the morning (Love that place! I could shop there all day!)
Then we headed to Gymnastics, a fabric store, home and then the youth center for some ballet lessons. (And pool for Own and me.)

Let me just say, the fabric store probably had the most fabric I have ever seen in one place my entire life. (And I have been to a LOT of fabric stores.) A lot fo the fabric was Hawaiian, and I was just in heaven. As a crafty person, I was so inspired. Every bolt I saw made me want to make something out of it. But somehow we managed to leave with just two different fabric's for some new curtains.

Then on to naps and ballet. While sweet little Ava was tapping away and doing all the fun things 5 year olds do in dance class Mr. Owen I decided to play a few rounds of pool. Or what some would call "Three year old hits balls in to hole and laughs." But we'll just stick with the term pool for now ;) Here is what most of the hour looked like:

We finished up the night with a yummy dinner of Hawaiian Shrimp Bar-b-que (which was REALLY good!)

The fabric in this picture is about 1/10 of the entire store.

His concentrating faces crack me up:

And now, the most exciting part of the evening, A giveaway! This is my first ever giveaway on my blog. I have never done a giveaway before A. because I didn't have anything to give away B. Because the purpose of my blog has always been a place for me to share my thoughts, and that's all. But I thought this would be fun :)

The giveaway is for a very beautiful white hawaiian necklace. I was going to take a picture of it on me so you could all see, but I forgot. So these pictures will have to do:

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment, and I will randomly select a winner and announce them in tomorrow night's post! So comment away!



Katie Smith said...

Oh Bekah I love reading your blog. Its been the first thing I do on my computer for the past 10days. :) You are always an inspiration to me. I hope you have a wonderful trip!

~Alina said...

If I leave more than one comment, does that mean I win. ;) jk love you! Can't believe how grown up those kiddos are! Miss you bunches. Can't wait to read more posts!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Rebekah! I have been really enjoying your blog especially since you have been in Hawaii! LOVE all the gorgeous photos! I hope you continue to have a great time! :)

Eliza Sturgeon said...

Bekah! I love your blog. Your pictures are fabulous! It's fantastic to read about your adventures in Hawaii(: I loved getting to know you during Teenpact, and you're just beyond amazing<3

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebekah, I just started reading your blog and I am enjoying reading your daily adventures. You are so grown up now. I look forward to reading your posts daily. BTW you take breathtaking pictures. Jennifer in S.A.

Mrs Lewis said...

SO jealous!! :-)