Friday, February 17, 2012

Hawaii-Day 4

 Playing around this morning while Mrs. B was running.
 The view from te park we were at.

 Doing school on the beach this afternoon. One of my favorite moments. I think I may just have to move to Hawaii.

 Watching a plane land at the Honolulu Airport.
 At Soccer practice

 Go Ava go! 

 Pizza on Valentine's night.
 My hair up on the hair clip I got at the swap meet.

The sunset tonight as we ate dinner.

Yet another great day. And in case you forgot after reading it yesterday, the weather here is AMAZING. 
Did little things today. Play in the park. Breakfast at a diner. Toys R Us. Nap and school at the beach. Soccer practice and dinner at the o'club. But I am learning to enjoy the little things. Life is so sweet when you take time to breathe.

I think that if some day God blesses me with the chance to be the soccer mom-the one running kids from place to place, hanging out with adult moms as your kids play- I will really enjoy it. At least if it is anything like the past few days. And also, I think I may just be moving to Hawaii. Really. It's amazing here.


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