Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aspen and other things

Well, the four posts that I had hoped for did not happen. This was definitely the busiest year yet! Nine kiddos running around makes for a very busy nanny. But I throughly enjoyed every moment just like every year, and I can't wait to go back next year!

The amazing mountains. Oh how I love Colorado!

 Playing in the snow the first day.

Hot chocolate after some time in the snow.

Playing dominio's on a cold day.

A table set for 9 kiddos.

My project one day. Centerpiece.

Having fun at lunch. Strawberry tongue. 

Building with blocks. Train. 


Deciding to get even more crazy the next day.

A totally unpromted reading time between brothers. Melt's my heart!

P.s. if you haven't heard, I am going to Europe as a nanny this summer for 2 weeks.(Copenhagen and Estonia.) Before that I will be going to AZ to spend time with family, and then going on a month long train trip with my best friend for our senior trip. I am very excited about this summer!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enjoying the little joys.

I have missed blogging the past week. It has been a normal week for me. (let me tell you, normal involves running around, babysitting every night and getting about 6 hours of sleep each night.) But I did get time to take a few pictures of the joys that God has been giving me lately.

The other day I was out with someone, and we were talking about the crazy DC traffic. I was telling her how many times I have been in a close call. And she said that I must get home at night and count my blessings. And I realized, I don't. But I most defintily should. This life is a gift. I could die tomorrow. So while I do have this life I want to enjoy each and ever moment.

My joys this past week:

Spring. Which includes one of my many favorites, flowers.
My new favorite skirt. It's pink. And Springy. And has pockets. Win. Win. Win

My name on wood. 

My memory board. And me as a 5 year old. And me and my best friend. And a card my late aunt made me for my 13th birthday.

Do it Gorgeously. An amazing book I found at a bargin. 

My angel trees

The coolest exhibit ever at the Hathorn museum in Dc.

Yes, that is thousands of little blue strings. And yes, you got to walk/run/skip through them.

Best gelato I have ever had. In DC one block up from Arcives//Navy Memorial stop.

Folding laundry on a sunny day with the window open.

My rainboots. Perfect colors for my new found obsession with spring.

Going through old photos for my graduation slide show.

Read:Spring Obsession. You can now wear spring on your feet.

Packing for Aspen. (let me just say, that laundry above, was from Hawaii. So I literally folded and put away my Hawaii laundry as I packed  for Aspen. Me=Crazy.)

Again, my new favorite skirt. Getting creative here, can't you tell?

Do a much needed cleaning to my bathroom.

Night time bible study with my kitty at my feet.

I hope to post at least three posts while I am in Aspen. This will be my fourth year there! I am SO excited1


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am writing this from lovely Wasington DC. Where I currently call home.

Yesterday morning we headed to Cinnamon’s. A restaurant known by Food Network among others. They are famous for their breakfast (Which is what 95% of their menu is) I got their world-renowned Red Velvet Pancakes. They were amazing. If you go there, I would advice you get them, but split them with someone. It was a lot for one person to eat. (I just got two, and only finished about half.) It still poured all day yesterday, but cleared just a few times so I could get a last glimpes of the lovely Island I called home for a month.

Twas’ very sad to leave yesterday night. Ava woke up from nap and just wanted to snuggle for a few minutes. I gladly obliged. Then we danced around the kitchen just one more time to Ours-Taylor Swift.  It’s so funny how I did all these thing a million times while there for a month. But they all take on a new meaning when you are doing them for what is the last time (at least for a while.)

The flights went very well. I slept a little less then I had hoped for, but the reality is there is only so long you can sleep on a plane. J

And now, without further ado, my top 18 favorite things in Hawaii.

  1. The weather
  2. The beach
  3. The amazing people I stayed with
  4. Shaved Ice
  5. The blue, blue water
  6. The weather
  7. Having so many different climates on one island.
  8. The mountains you can see from almost anywhere.
  9. The Disney resort
  10. The weather
  11. It’s own NYC. (Waikiki)
  12. The waves that are oh-so-plentiful
  13. All of the opportunities to be outdoors
  14. The special pineapple
  15. The swap meet
  16. The Hawaiian culture
  17. The rainbows
  18. Did I say the weather?

Goodbye for now Hawaii. I will be back, rest assured.

The curtains I sewed for Ava's room.

My lei they gave me when I arrived. All dried out. Sad to see. But it still smelled good!

The amazing cinnamon roll at Cinnamon's

My red velvet pancakes!

Owen's very yummy hawaiian bread french toast.

Last photo of Hawaii. A very rainy one at that.

Stopped in Chigago

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hawaii-Day 22

Last night here. So bittersweet. Looking forward to seeing my family, but oh how much I am going to miss Hawaii. And the sweet B family. And Ava's smile with two sweet dimples. And Owen's ever-growing vocabulary.

Tommorrow (or Wednesday) I am going to do a final Hawaii post- including my 18 favorite things about Hawaii.

Tonight there are some feeling I just can't explain. This trip has once again confirmed my love for travel. There is nothing quite like seeing the world, learning about a new culture, meeting new people, and eating new food (one of my favorites). I will forever be a lover of traveling. What opportunities God has blessed me with that I, at 18 years old, get to spend a month in Hawaii. I pray that I will not take these chances (and the time I spend traveling) for granted. It passes oh-so-swiftly, and once it does, I always have a desire for it to come back. But that's why I am learning each and every day to treasure the small thing. The small moments.

On other notes, God is good and I was able to get my senior pictures taken today! With an amazing and very flexible photographer, and God's grace in allowing the rain to stop for 2 hours, we were able to run out to a beach. She showed me a few, and boy, I can't wait to see the rest.  I will definitely keep you guy's updated. And hopefully soon you will get to see them!

I have throughly enjoyed blogging every day, and quite frankly I had forgotten over time how much I enjoyed it. So I hope to try harder to blog at least once a week, if not more. I still have quite a few more trips to go this spring, so this won't be the last of my travels! (Aspen's coming next!)

I will probably be writing from the mainland next time I post. So sad. More adventures, here I COME!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Hawaii-Day 21

Day 21? Three weeks already! Wow, how time flies. Yet at the same time, it feels like I have been here forever. It was a rainy day in Hawaii today. Our plans of a day at the beach were changed into Dave and Busters and a movie. Both were a delightful alternative to the beach. The sweet potato fries at D&B were amazing! We saw The Lorax, which was very good. There were a few thins I disagreed with in the movie, but I am not going to get into that here :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent fabric shopping and sewing again. I will take pictures tomorrow. Some of the fabric we got was beautiful!