Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hawaii-Day 13

Today was wonderful. Relaxing. 
We started our day with breakfast out and soccer. 
Then onto kite flying, which turned out to be quite the adventure. I first tried Owen's kite. It went up fast, and was hovering at a good height, so I gave the string to Owen and tried to get Ava's up. Well I come back to him 5 minutes later (after several unsuccessful attempts at getting Ava's up) and he says is in sweet little voice "it just kept unrolling." He is holding the handle, and all the string has unraveled, the quite is rather high. Well, to be exact, the string is 300 feet long. So the kite is 300 feet up :) It was like a little dot in the sky! Flying kite's 300 feet in the air on and Air Force base probably is not the best idea. It kept looking like the planes were getting rather close to the kite. Needless to say, it took a while to get it back down :)
We then proceeded to some frozen yogurt, which was delicious! I LOVE the frozen yogurt place's where you get to do it by weight. The watermelon with strawberry popper toppings was amazing!
A picnic dinner on the beach and watching Cinderella while in a tent (in the living room) finished up the night. 

Today was the first day I did not like the weather. It was humid. It felt hot and sticky all day. But 1 out of 13 days isn't bad :)

I left my phone and camera in the other room while we watched a movie. Just kind of disconnected. It was freeing. Watching a movie while snuggling under the  blanket roof. No worries. Just focused on enjoying the movie.

I waltzed with Owen to "this is love". We had been discussing a few minutes earlier that the prince and Cinderella got married soon after they waltzed. After we finished waltzing, Owen asked me "are we gonna get married now?" Sweetest question ever. Maybe just a bit too much of an age difference :)

Yes, that little black dot in the sky is the kite.

This is what Owen built while Ava and I built our sand castle. He said it was a sand rolleer coaster :)

Tinkle time!


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