Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hawaii-Day 9

Yet another beautiful day in Hawaii. You guy's over there on the mainland must be getting tired of me telling you how much I love it over here. So I will try and "cool it" a little :)

Today was more on the relaxing side. We downtown this morning and Owen and I hung out while Mrs. B ran an errand. Then we went Ross and did all sorts of fun shopping before heading home for the rest of the day.

The flower pictures are from one of the many pretty bush's around here.

Funny moment from today:
Owen (who is 3) Ava (who is 5) and I are playing store. I am the cash register lady and they are both shopping. Owen approaches me with toy binoculars and says "How much is this sir?"
Ava quickly corrects "She is not a sir Owen!"
 I say "It's called Ma'am, Owen."
Owen, in his most adult voice says "Bekah! This is not a man, these are my spy glasses (showing me the binoculars.)"

We all got quite a laugh from that one.


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