Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hawaii-Day 8

It seems so hard to believe that a week ago I had just arrived in Hawaii. Time has flown, and yet it feels like I have been here forever. I have pretty much settled into a nice routine, and really enjoy living with the B family. It's fun to alway have little ones around to play and snuggle with, and at the same time, I am way less busy then I am at home, because I am not babysitting as much.

You may be wondering, "Where are all the pictures?" They are, needless to say, nowhere. Today is going to be a picture less post as I only took one picture all of today, and that was on my phone. I was on the beach doing homework (the joy's of being home schooled.)

Today I was thinking that this is what life must feel like for someone who does not babysit. To actually have free time to sit around and play outside, to not rush through school because you have another job to go to. And thought I love my life back home, and I would not trade the wonderful children I babysit for ANYTHING in this world, it is very nice to have a change of scenery sometimes! (And nothing like a change of scenery to make you thankful for what God HAS blessed you with back home.)

Today was a wonderful day of sitting at home not doing much. Roughhousing with Ava and Owen, playing the Pinkalicous game, playing shooter hide and seek and many other small things to fill out time. As I said above I did my school work on the beach again, which was just as wonderful as the last time. I can not state enough times that I love the beach. It is one of the most beautiful and wonderful gifts from God in my opinion. There is nothing like the feeling of reading a school book while watching the blue waves lap 5 feet away and feeling the warm sand squish in your toes.

And then I made dinner tonight. I really enjoyed this as I have not had much of a chance to make dinner in quite some time (read:babysitting). I spent a lot of last night on Foodgawker (if you have not been there it is about the most addicting site ever, really close up there with Pintrest.) I made Parmesan and Basil Chicken, and homemade biscuits. The chicken turned out just a bit dry (I have quite the tendency to over cook chicken as i am always afraid I am going to under cook it) But overall it got raving reviews from everyone and I will definitely have to file the recipes away for another try.

We finished up the night by watching part of Mary Poppins. I forgot how much fun that movie was! What a great classic!


p.s.- Read this story over here. Beautiful testimony of God's working in lives.

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