Saturday, February 4, 2012

My room redo.. Finally!!

This June, I decided to redecorate my room. This came after many months of fantasizing what I wanted to do. I decided to go with an all white theme for a couple of reasons. I had originally seen the theme on my favorite blog-"The little white room" and then she did an all white Easter party, and I was officially in love. Since then I had seen quite a few photos and inspirations on the internet and Pintrest, and I decided to give it a go. I had originally decorated my room when we moved to DC-Two years before, and I felt my room was definitely ready for an update.

I set out to finish my room in a month, with a $100 budget. To some that may sound small, to others that may sound like a lot. I planned on getting a lot of new furniture, but also selling the stuff I had. I love the vintage look, and I wanted to get really thrifty and push my self out of my comfort zone. I certainly did. I also learned a lot of things through this process. Like patience, and even though you may have what you think is this perfect plan, God sometimes has a different one. 

7 Months later, and I am finally writing this post. That can at least give you a little hint into God's plans :) I really did get almost all of the decorations in June. But I wanted to get this bed, and I refused to pay full price. So after transactions falling through three times on Craigslist, I decided to wait and be patient until that type of bed was listed again. But unfortunately, 6 months later, and not ONE SINGLE bed had been listed. This is when my very wise mother suggested that maybe it wasn't God's plan that I get that bed. And I think she was right. So after I took all my Christmas decorations down I went into crazy mode trying to get all of my new decorations up before I left for the entire spring. And I did. 

Let me just tell you, I LOVE decorating. And I loved every moment of trying to crunch the numbers and get thrifty. I have not officially sat down and done all the math yet, but I think I spent just around $100.

So without further to do, my new room:

 (The view when you walk in.)

I am going to write later about each pictures. But I need to get to bed!



Lara Anastasia said...

Your room is ... wowza! Love the cabinet for the books and your inspiration board and the whole set up! Great job :)

~Alina said...

I absolutely LOVE the chair and the bookcabinet! Wonderful additions! :)