Monday, February 20, 2012

Hawaii-Day 7

Day 7 already? How time flys when you are having fun!

Yet another wonderful day. I have decided that if I were to win a large amount of money, I would buy a small home on the water in Hawaii with floor to ceiling windows. Small because really, you don't spend almost any time in the house here! There is way to much to do out doors, and honestly, it feels better outside then it does inside! Since I would buy a small home, I would also buy a convertible to drive around town in. :)

Today I took a trolley around Waikiki, stopped for some shaved ice, then spent the evening dining in Waikiki. The trolley was probably my favorite part of the day. Because of the breeze, it was AMAZING to be on. I could have sat on that trolley ALL day. (Which is saying a lot for someone who does not like being alone.) I stopped to get some more amazing shaved ice. This time I decided to be a little different and get the Ailana special, which was Choco Lovers-shaved ice with a scoop of ice cream in the middle, covered in chocolate and carmel sauce. It was way too much for me (I probally ate 1/3 of it) but it was oh so good!
We had dinner overlooking the beach, which was gergous.

One note, as I walked through Wakiki it really reminded me of New York city. There are the tall buildings surrounding you, and people everywhere. Shops, and food and lights. It's like a tropical version of NYC (without as many taxi's though.) 

 Views from the trolley.

Playing on the very crowded Waikiki beach.

These things are AMAZING. They are apparently something only local's know about (I love staying with people who live here!) and are like a very doughy doughnut. Really. They are amazing.

~~~Some pictures from yesterday and today from my phone :)~~~

Getting ready for the Luau

The Luau was right next to the brand new Disney resort. As I have said before, I LOVE Disney. It's almost like an obsession of mine. Even getting this close to a Disney resort made me happy :)

The hat I made at the Luau

The beach at the Luau



A very cute car we passed. You can't see it as well in the picture, but the blue on it was SO pretty. It was for sell too! I love it.

Going through a tunnel. I caught the reflection of the front of the trolley. The guy sitting behind me was really nice. He was from GA and I swear, he had the thinckest southern accent I had ever heard. EVER. Not that I have a problem with southern accents, infact I love them. :)

What Burger King looks like in Hawaii.

On the Trolley

My shaved Ice :)

Just one of the many (like 50) beach side resorts in Waikiki.

Doesn't it look like NYC?

The WAY over croweded Waikiki beach.

Eating Dinner at sunset.


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