Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hawaii-Day 6

Photo bomb! Watch out, a bunch of photos coming your way.

Today started out with a girls 5 and under soccer game, which was adorable, to say the least. It looked like herding cats. But very, very cute cats at that :)

We then did some shopping and went to this amazing pizza place. My pizza was Peperoni and Pineapple with some spinach and green onions. It was actually quite good. 

Tonight was the big night. It was the Luau at Paradise Cove! Boy was it amazing. The beach over there was gorgeous, and everything about the Luau was fun! We were greeted with shell lei's and tropical drinks and then made our own flower head bands (what Ava and I are wearing). We had some dinner and then watched the actually luau which consisted of lots of hula dancing! :) Over all it was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anyone who was visiting Hawaii.

 The view makes me want to just sit and soak it all up. Amazing. Each time I see it I think about my amazing God who created it all!
 Getting Tattoo's

The Beautiful B family!!
 The kiddo's and I.

 Mrs. B and I.


 The amazing sunset!


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