Monday, March 29, 2010

I heart faces-Dramatic Black and White

I have not done any bloggling let along I heart faces in a while, but I decided to buckle down this week and get some things posted! So here is my Dramatic Black and White photo. 

This is my amazingly beautiful friend Bethany. The only thing I don't like about the photo being black and white is that you can not see her AMAZING blue eyes. But she is still very pretty in B&W :) This was on the beach this weekend, it was freezing, but we still had TON of fun :) I do realize this photo is not all that extremly dramtic, but I love her smile.

So head over to I heart faces and see some more amazingly awesome dramatic B&W photos. You will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I delight

I am in Aspen. I have been having an amazing time. I have been doing just about everything I like to do, and almost nothing I don't like doing. 
I have been getting up early, I have been getting children out the door, I have been on a schedule. I have been surrounded with children at all times. I have been able to have control over a lot of things in my days. I have not been doing much school. I have been having little smiling faces around me all day. I have been carrying a baby on my hip half the day. I have been cleaning. I have been cooking. I have been helping other women that I look up to. I have had time with just adults, and adult conversation. I have been texting with friends. I have been eating wonderful food. 

All of the above give me wonderful Joy. Every single thing. I will admit some of the things, (like cleaning) I do occasionally get tired of, but not very often. Today, for the third morning in a row, I finished cleaning the kitchen, and got out the vacuum to clean the rug under the table. As I was starting to move all the chairs, this task, which I had honestly loved doing the last two mornings, started to seem tedious. And that started a train of thinking which has been running through my mind all day.... what is Joy? How do I have joy all the time?

Well first here is a couple quotes that I found, and really like:
Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself
Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

So. What is true Joy? how do I find it? Well, as I have been thinking about it all day, one main thought keeps coming back to me. Especially after vacuuming this morning. It is:
This is Joy. Not that we are happy while doing things we delight in, but that we search for delight in everything. In every small task, in every hardship, and in the happy times. And that God, be our first, true, source of Joy.
This is what I am striving for, and I can only accomplish with the grace of God.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Patience, trust and learning.

One of the precious ones I babysit, fresh out of the camera.

Wow. It surly has been a long time. Very, very long time. But during all that time I have not written, i have been very busy.

I am currently sitting in the Chicago airport, waiting for my flight to Aspen. I am going to Aspen to nanny for one of the most precious families ever. (you have probably seen some pictures of their children on here.)

So many times this past week, God has been teaching me patience, and learning to lean on Him. Trust Him. Not myself. It has been hard at points, and yes i have broken down. But He helps me get myself right back up again. First example is Monday. I had been really looking forward all last week to going to a park with a family I babysit for. I had planned my whole week. Every bit of school needed to get done ect, around this day. Well She called that morning and caneled, becuase the babies were sick. Well then, I thought to myself. This is no reason to get upset. Just press, God has a perfect plan. As I start to rearrange my school stuff to fit my new sceduale, she calls again. Now I am going to go over, and just stay with the babies. Ok, I think again. Stay mellow. God helped me do this. I DID NOT do it on my own. Without the Lord I most likley would have been a bawling mess. But nope. God knew the plan. And my week turned out amazingly wonderful :) Next is yesterday (Saturday.) I was supposed to fly to Aspen. 5 mins before I walk out the door, I get a call. Flight canceled, and moved to Sunday (today.) Ok, stay calm. I was so about to cry. God please help me. I know this is YOUR plan, even if it's not mine. And He did. I had a wonderful afternoon, despite the airline calling again, and moving my flight to later today.

So, I have learned, espcially over the last week, that patience is certinally a virtue. And that trusting God is vital in order to no worry. And that learning, is a process, and includes experiance, and acutally failing sometimes, in order to learn everything.

I hope to write more while in Aspen!

Only by His grace,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I heart faces-Halarious Outtakes

So I have had a crazy week, and can only post 2, but I hope these make you smile!

The top one is what happens when he yawns right in the middle of the picture :)
And this is what happens when you try to get a lovley photo of 4 kids on a slide, and the oldest decides to slide down really hard :)

I hope you enjoy these!
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