Monday, December 24, 2012

My year in pictures

Just a quick review of my year according to my favorite pictures. This year really has seemed to fly by! 

My year started out with me getting the privalege of staffing Teenpact VA 1 with some amazing people!

As you probably know from my daily blog posts, I then got the pleasure of spending the next month in Hawaii living with one of my favorite families on this earth!

I got to take pictures of little baby J, born in March and baby #7 in his family!

I got to go NYC for a few days with my mother, sister and best friend. We had quite the experience, and ate some amazing food!

I got to take pictures of one of the dearest families in my life. I have babysat for them since their oldest was just 3 years old. They are beautiful!

I also got to spend two weeks with these fabulous children while their parents were in Europe. We went for a day trip into DC. 

I got to go to my first ever concert, which was for a band called Gungor. And it was amazing.

I took pictures of these beautiful children. 

Oh yeah, I kind of graduated :)

I went to Teenpact National convention for the 4th year in a row, and on the way back, girls got a little bored and decided to draw a couple stories... on my leg, with sharpies. 

Happy Father's day to the best daddy in the world!

I went to Mexico.... (for 4 hours)

And the Grand Canyon...

And I took a cross country train trip with my best friend. It was the trip of a life time. (I also updated my blog daily on that trip)

One of my highlights of trip was holding a random baby for 4 hours in a food shelter in San Diego.

And of course, going to Disneyland was the best. I mean, the BEST.

I went to Europe for two weeks in the end of July to nanny for a beautiful family. It was a blast!

Random horribly ugly matching dresses with one of my best friends :)

I went apple picking twice in one week, and made 3 apple pies from the apples I picked :)

Then I moved to Nashville, for 3 months during the fall semester. 

Awaiting the baby.

I got to be at the birth of the sweetest little baby I have ever known. Little miss Eva Catherine.

And over the next weeks I fell in love with this baby, and her family. 
(I am the luckiest person in the world, wearing a 3 day old baby in a sling is pure heaven.)

Lots of my favorite moments were holding Eva while doing school work.

We went to a homeschool pioneer day together, when Eva was not even two weeks old! It got pretty hot so I go the lovely privalge of haning out inside holding sleeping Eva :)

I made a new friend, long distance, and had many an interesting Skype sessions with her :)

I got to come home for Thanksgiving and go on my first ever cruise to the Bahamas with my family!

We got to go to Universal Studios and Harry Potter world!

I got to spend 4 days in Boston nannying for this precious boy!

And host a Christmas party, which included a gingerbread house making contest :)

A Christmas at home. This is what my night looks like before I get in bed. The tree above my head and my favorite devotional, Jesus Calling.

~ Merry Christmas ~