Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hawaii~day 1

I have decided I am going to try to blog EVERY SINGLE day while I am here in Hawaii. We will see if that actually happens.

Today I left the Dulles Airport at 8:12. It was a 6 hour flight to LA, a 2 hour layover and then a 6 hour flight to Honolulu. I slept a lot of the time hoping that it would help with any jet lag. (I have never had jet lag before. Even when I went to China, and it was a 14 hour time difference, I had not one bit of jet lag.) And so far, so good. It's 9:10 pm here in Hawaii (2:10 at home) and I feel good.
Both flights were great, we were on big 767 and I really enjoyed being on a big plane for a change. Newt Gingrich was on my first flight to LA. I saw him, but that was all.

My Lei

I arrived in Hawaii at 4:30 and was greeted in the airport with a lovely hug from a sweet 5 year old Ava and a very lovely lei from Mrs. B. They took me to the beach on base. (Which is a quaint small little beach. But really, having a beach within walking distance from your house I wouldn't care what it looked like.) It is beautiful here. I didn't see that much today, but the little I did see from the plane looked AMAZING. I am so excited to be here.


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