Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I heart faces- Pets

I was so excited when I saw this week was another teen week! Even though you don't have to be a teen to enter, there is an amazing 18 year old photographer who is this weeks judge! She does some absolutely stunning work, and of pets! I thought I had a hard time with people.... but I have *tried* to  photograph my cats and it is no simple task.

Needless to say, I have gotten a few good photos of my cats, and I had one picked out, but when I went looking for it,  I found this one. This one is a picture of my little kitty. She was my first pet ever, and in this picture she is about 3 months. The sad part is that we had to put her down this last Christmas, at 3 1/2 years old.

So here is for Sparrow Amelia Kimminau. :)

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


This summer is flying by way to fast, like i knew it would. I am trying to make the most of every moment my spending hours watching NCIS, and time with friends. Ha ha, that really isn't all I am doing, just some of it. I am actually quite busy. I have been babysitting like crazy, which I am very much enjoying :) Photography has also been keeping me pretty busy. I did a photo shoot for the sweetest little 2 week baby boy on Thursday. You can see the preview on my brand new photography blog!

Summer means a lot to me. As we have already established it means NCIS, friends, photography and babysitting. But it also means a lot of spare time. And though part of me (a rather large part) would love to sit around and spend that on NCIS, I don't think that is the wisest idea. So I do have other goals for this summer.  Main one, get closer to God. Learn how to be less selfish, and how to have pure fun. Next goal: get fit. Be healthy, eat healthy, and exercise. But have fun doing it all. I think I can do this. Maybe. :) Last goal, get a lot of the book I am writing done. I just started it, but I am really excited about how it is coming together. Only by the grace of God...


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just things

So it is summer! My summer is filled with a lot of things... mainly babysitting, with some photography thrown in there, and then of course friends, lots of friends. I am getting more and more excited about my upcoming trip to Disney World. =) Here are some various pictures that I have taken over the last few weeks.

Beuatiful babydoll face I love so much!

This is when little man here walks up to me, look! I can fit the whole frog in my mouth! At which point Miss Rebekah tells him to imdeditly take it out, and he gets a small lecture on why we don't put stuff in our mouths :)
Adorable, sweet, and loveable. Enough said.

The joy on her face is just indescribable. The things kids enjoy. Apperently upsidedown goggles on the face is one of them!
I LOVE butterflies. Especailly ones that will stay long enough for me to get their picture!

Cutest face in the whole world. Enjoying our lunch. Yeah that's right. Miss Rebekah is badddddd... we had strawberry shortcake for lunch!!....

Oh yeah.... amazing wonderful filling ness. We were all stuff to the brim. But it was oh so good!

Bubbles! One of my favorite babysitting past times, besides swinging and holding sleeping babies :)

Well that's all for now!! It is sort of late..... he he.


Monday, June 21, 2010

I heart faces~Teens

When I found out about this weeks theme I was so excited, seeing as how it applies so well. Since I am a teen myself, and spend lots of time with other teens, I tend to have lots of photos of teens, so at first I thought picking just ONE would be very hard, then I remembered a shoot I did last summer of my sister's best friend. This absolutely beautiful young lady is so much fun. We spend hours just playing with outfits, goofing off, and being teenage girls.  I was SOO happy with the result of the pictures though, and when I remembered it today I just knew that I would choose one of those pictures :) Now I did have a hard time choosing just one of them, but I knew I wanted a picture that represented just plain simple teenagehood (those words do NOT belong together!) :) But anywho, here she is. The drop-dead gorugous, Texan, fun, amazingly funny, cute, girl that I love so much!

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P.s. Also check out this weeks guest judge, Jamie Delaine, and AMAZING teen wedding photographer. She is such an inspiration to me!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Changes... :)

As you have probably noticed, I made some changes to my blog. I thought it was about time I got in the summer spirit. So there you go. A new design, new header and new background. I hope you like them. The feet in the picture are my mine and my siblings. We got our family portraits taken back in april by an absolutely amazing photographer Emily Hayes (emilyhayesphotography.com) And this is one of the photos I specifically requested. I LOVE how it turned out.

Also, I will no longer be posting photos from shoots on here, I am opening up a new blog, one just for LeslieJoy Photography! I hope to have it up and going very, very soon!

I hope to start posting more often over the summer.. (now how many times have I said that?) But I really do hope to get in the habit of posting.. we will see :)

Another fun picture from our portraits.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I heart Faces "All about Babies"

So I was SOOO excited when I found out this weeks theme would be all about my favorite subject... babies! I <3 everything about babies (baby gear, cute little baby clothes, babysitting, and of course babies themselves) I have only done two newborn shoots, but I hope to be doing a lot more soon! This is from my most recent newborn shoot. I had a really hard time deciding what photo to post, but when I saw this one, their faces just melted me. :) I also wanted one from a bit of a different perspective.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

I heart Faces - Play

This week over at I heart faces, the theme is play!! it is such a fun and open theme... I had a hard time at first when I was thinking about which photo to post. Then I remebered this photo I took a few days ago and thought it was just perfect!!

I sat this cute little guy on the ground, originally trying to get some handprints for his mother (those are the ones you see on the fridge behind him.) But then, the project got a little bigger. I should have known!! All I will say, is thank the Lord for washable paint!!

I love comments, and critiques :)

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