Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 8- Disney (LA)

I am going to make this quick, as we have to get up fairly early again tomorrow for our train to Sacramento! 

We spent all day at Disneyland today, and it was just a wonderful time. We rode all the rides on our agenda, and even relaxed for an hour or two! 

Last time I was here I rode on the swinging gondola part of the ferris wheel (google  Disneyland ferris wheel if you don't understand what I am talking about) with a 4 year old, and it freaked me out. But ever since then I have wanted to try it again, because, well I don't know. Maybe I am just insane in that way. When something scares the be-jezz-es out of me, I want to go back and conqour it. And that is just what I did today! Kinda. I did ride the Ferris wheel, and I did like it better this time, but I did close my eyes and hold on for dear life about half of the ride. :)

We also ate the last two things that were on my list to eat. (I got my list from here). The Dole whip float from the Tiki Bar, and the mozzarella cheese sticks from the Stage Door cafe. The Dole float was just amazing. Whoever came up with the idea of ice cream on top of pineapple juice was just the smartest person ever. And whoever decided to sell that award-winning combination in a theme park to thousands of tired, hot and hungry people is.. well probably now a millionaire :)
The mozzarella sticks really were just ok. I would maybe get them for lunch if I needed something, But they weren't much better then most of the ones I have had other places. 

We had dinner in Downtown Disney. We ordered a pizza with Italian sausage, mozzarella and caramelized onions. It was stunningly good. I mean, that is probably the best I have enjoyed a pizza since my birthday party eating at il Canale in Georgetown. 

The fireworks show was amazing tonight. It was patriotic themed, and though I thought it was a bit short, every single second was filled with spectacular fireworks. Disney never goes small, do they?

Time for bed! A train trip along the coast tomorrow :)

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