Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 10- Sacramento

This is a day late, I know. But I was kind of super tired last night and fell asleep on my computer. Opps. I was super tired because we had a very full day! It was a wonderful day though. 

We started out in downtown Sacramento, and walked right by a Farmer's Market, so we got some stuff :) We picked up some Cherries, some bread sticks, some home-roasted almonds and a whole-wheat chocolate peanut butter chip cookie! 

We kept walking, and basically walked half the city of Sacramento (the downtown city at least). I love Sacramento! There were so many vintage-looking houses, and I was quite surprised at how very clean the city was. And quiet. As we walked there really weren't many people around (except when we walked by the Capitol, of course!) It was very peaceful and serene, and I loved it! It was also beautiful. There were tons of flowers on every street corner, and everything was so well kept. It's quite the change from SoCal, and I loved it! 

(izze break at Starbucks)

(These are my favorite type of flowers. ~ Hydrangea's )

We then walked to Old Sacramento which people had told us was a must see. And indeed it is! It is lined with cute little shops (about 50% of them being candy stores!) and restaurants. It was a very enjoyable afternoon (filled with lots of candy-too much candy!) One of the candy stores we stopped in let you sample any of their salt water taffy for free! There was about 50 different kinds of salt water taffy- enough said. I got some of the peanut butter and the buttered popcorn. They were amazing!

There was an old school house in OldSac, and it was so fun! I just love things from that time period (Pioneer/Little house on the praire/late 1800's). I kept daydreaming about actually being able to be a school teacher in that type of setting, but at last, I am not sure that will happen :)

After we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant overlooking the water, and then headed back to our amazing host home on the light rail (which again, was very nice and clean. I love you Sacramento!)

This candy apple was delicious. Lots of stuff (like every candy ever made!) but oh so good!

Our host is a youth pastor (and his family) and he invited us to his college group at his church. It was wonderful! The worship was wonderful and the message, very convicting. It was on James 3:1-12, and about our words, which is something I personally struggle with a lot. It was very encouraging though!

Then we headed to Buffalo wild wings for 50cent wings Tuesday! Over all, it was such a wonderful day, and I am so glad to add the memories to our trip!


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