Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 11- Sacramento (and 4th of July!)

Again, I am sorry this is a day late! I have a different excuse this time though... our host home's internet was down, which allowed for a very relaxing evening as I had not computer responsibilities to tend to, but of course I was not able to blog. So here I am, sitting in Panera blogging. But of course I forgot my camer and my iphone cord, so there will be no picture today either. Maybe I will add them to tomorrow's post :)

The morning started out as another relaxing morning, and then Rebekah and I decided to head down to an ice cream shop that I had heard about called Gunther's. We rode the light rail down, and for the first time, saw a not so nice part of Sacramento. Though it still wasn't as bad as parts of LA, it was not the nicest area. We were fine though, and arrived at the ice cream shop after seeing another mile of Sacramento. I got the lemon and the fudge brownie ice cream. The lemon I got according to a recommendation online, and I am so glad I listened to them! It was perfectly smooth and silky. It had a very nice lemon flavor that was distinct, yet not too sour. Rebekah said it tasted like a lemon cookie, and I completely agree! The fudge brownie was not very good. It tasted just like something you would get at the grocery store, and I was very disappointed. Rebekah got the mango which was delicious. Over all we enjoyed it very much, and it was a nice little trip into Sacramento.

After we got back to our host home, we helped set up the party they they were hosting for all the college students we had met the night before. It was a wonderful party! Our hosts have a pool in their back yard so there was eating (of course) swimming, and lots of laughing and chatting. All of the college student's were so welcoming and friendly, and by the end of the night I felt like we had made 20 new friends! I got to play in the pool with 3 little kids for about and hour, one of my favorite parts of the trip so far. When you are around little kids every day (babysitting, nannying, homeschool co-op and church) you don't realize how much you value that time you get to spend with them. But whenever I travel with out children, I start to miss having little kids to pick up and hold and play with so much! Those hours spent in the pool were just what I needed :)

Once I got dark, we got to shoot off fireworks, which was so much fun! (They are leagal in CA!) Although there were some huge and very cool fireworks, plain old sparkalers are my favorite!

It was such a wonderful 4th of July, with many memories and new friends made. The whole night I was marveling at the fact that I was in CA, and it was 4th of July! And also that we had made so many friends in such a short time. I love how being a Christian seems to bind people together. Wonderful to know we can probally make friends where ever we go!

I hope to upload pictures later


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