Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Traveling as a nanny ~ Copenhagen, Denmark

It is very late here. But I wanted to fit in just a few words about Europe before I headed off to bed.

We arrived in Denmark around noon on Sunday after leaving DC at around 3. Our flight was over night, and the kids slept most of the time, which was nice. (I, on the other hand, didn't sleep more then 2 hours of the 8 hour flight because I kept having to put kids back to sleep ;) We switched planes in Amsterdam, which was very quick. The security there was crazy. They did not care about all our liquids at all, but they made us take every single electronic thing out of our bags and they went through the scanner twice.

Once we did finally arrive in Copenhagen, we checked into our hotel, which is beautiful! The best part is that we are on the 16th floor, and we can see almost the entire city from our window!

Interesting things about Europe so far:
The people here have AMAZING style. ~ Just saying.

The language is Dansih, but everyone speaks English when needed. ~ I think this is awesome. I am experiencing a completely different culture, but when I actually need to comunicate, it's really easy.

The old architecture here is beautiful. ~ Beyond Beautiful

I LOVE the weather. ~ We all know by now that the weather will make or break my view of a city. And it totally makes it here! I can wear just the right amount of clothes to be stylish (pants or capris, shirt and cardigan.; maybe scarf.) Without being hot or cold ever.

On that note, the weather here is insane. ~ One minute it's bright and sunny and feels like 85, the next it's cold and windy and feels like 60. The next minute it's pouring and your completely soaked. And this cycle happens about 3 times a day :)

If you want to smell like a local, use the hotel body wash. ~ Let me just say, this city has a certain smell. It's very different from any city in America. It's not bad, just different. I took a shower the other night and opened the hotel body wash, it smells exactly like the entire city. I guess that is their favorite body wash brand or something ;)

Europeans sure know how to eat ~ There is a coffee shop on every corner, and about 5 restaurants a block. The food is all amazing, and healthy at the same time. They have a few fast food places, but even those are trendy, healthy ones. (Think Panera.) My favorite fast food is Joe and the Juice. They literally make your juice right in front of you with a juicer. (They add all sorts of things, and yet the juice tastes amazing!)

Off to bed for me!! I will try to post some pictures tomorrow :)


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