Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 17- Seattle

This morning was a fairly early morning, as we had to head out to volunteer at our last food shelter! We had tried to volunteer in every city, but some we were staying in were just too little, or the shelter we had arranged did not work out.

We rode the ferry over once again and then had to walk about 7 blocks. 7 blocks didn’t sound very bad, until we realized that those 7 blocks were up hill. And not just any hill, crazy steep like San Francisco hills! After huffing and puffing our way the last two blocks, we finally made it! (Just a side note- if you ever move to Seattle and have to walk to work, you might just be very tone after your first few months living their. No gym or diet needed!)
The people working at this food shelter were super friendly from the start. They welcomed us in and immediately put us to work bagging pastries. This was kind of funny, because it was like the one job we haven’t done yet. In LA we did the sorting of good food from bad food. Here we took the food that had been sorted and bagged it into individual sizes. In San Diego we handed those bags out to the people! This shelter was definitely my favorite place to bag stuff. They had a very neat system set up, with nice plastic bags and holders, and then the awesome thing ever- a bag taper! You would put the stuff in the bag, give it a twirl, and then insert that twirl into the tape machine, and pull it out. There would be a perfect little piece of tape around the bag! That was just a blast to do, and it made our time bagging seem to fly by. After we had bagged pastries we bagged diapers, which was still fun J Then they wanted us to get out to the customer service for the last half. They had us sit behind tables and help the customers coming through the line. We met quite a few lovely volunteers, and it was just an amazing experience! All too soon we had to say goodbye to our new-found friends, and though it was sad to leave, both Rebekah and I were hungry!

We had planned to get Indian today for lunch, and that is just what we did. I found a restaurant using my Iphone, and off we headed. The restaurant was ok. We had their lunch buffet, and though it was good, it definitely wasn’t the best. Kind of average Indian food. We had also planned to get our nails done! I was in desperate need of both a Mani and Pedi, and it felt wonderful to get off our feet for a few hours! Though I ALWAYS go with a French pedicure, I decided to go wild this time and get a bright fun yellow! I love how they turned out even though they are a little bolder then I expected. 

After our little pit stop we went to just walk through Pike Place Market one more time. We stopped at this stand and got the OMG peaches. Let me just tell you, they are amazing. The best peaches you will ever taste in your entire life! We walked through a bit more, but since we had already seen it yesterday we decided to sit on a little park bench overlooking the water and finish our peaces.

We then hopped on the ferry back home, and once arriving, started cooking dinner! I made one of my favorite meals, garlic chicken wraps. It took a little while because all they had for a grill was a stove top that turned into a grill. It was totally awesome, but small. The chicken did cook eventually, and we all chowed down. The chicken was a little dry, and missing some flavor, but everyone loved it! Even the 4 French students came back again and again! (I think one of them had 4 wraps!) I was so glad they were a a hit!

The evening was another wonderfully relaxing evening, with more cookie baking, and this time something very special- Henna tattoo’s! Henna tattoo’s are a temporary tattoo that normally lasts for about 2 weeks. The mom here is amazing at them, and I can’t wait to post a picture of mine. (It will have to wait, as we will be on the train tomorrow and won’t have wi-fi!)

It is late and we have an early day tomorrow, so goodnight!

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