Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 7- LA

If you had been looking for Rebekah and I at 7am this morning, you would have found us walking on our way to a bus stop. Walking 1.5 miles to be exact. Getting up that early was not the easiest thing in the world, (especially since I did not go to bed until 2:15am the night before!) but once we were up and walking, it was surprisingly relaxing! The breeze was blowing, we were talking and the 1.5 miles passed extremely quickly. We took the bus to a metro, and that to another metro. I like riding the metros better then the buses, because they have been on time for the most part. Once we arrived at the food pantry, we had orientation, and got working! This work was different from San Diego’s because it was all behind the scene getting to food ready to hand out, instead of actually handing it out. I enjoyed the work a ton! I can’t really tell you which I liked better, because they are both very different, but there is just something so gratifying about going out of your way to do something you know will help someone else!

We were working in a big refrigerator room, sorting through crates and crates and crates of food. We had to check the dates, make sure the container was ok, box it with other items from it’s category, and then sort all the boxes. The process repeated it’s self over and over and over, but when you are working with a bunch of people and talking and laughing you don’t really notice how much work you are doing! My favorite part of it was sorting the eggs. Many of the eggs were broken so we had to throw those away and put all the good ones in cartons together. It’s really fun to throw egg after egg into a big trashcan J Next time your stressed, just take a carton of eggs and throw them against something!

After the pantry we were trying to find lunch. The first restaurant I had found via Urbanspoon was not open for lunch, and so we just hopped on a bus and decided to get off when we saw something. We found an adorable little restaurant that was in an interesting (not so nice) part of town. The food was excellent though! It was a little Slider shop. I order the Chicken Fajita Slider and a salad. The salad had a wonderful vinaigrette on it, and the slider was good. I also tried some of Rebekah’s mac and cheese, and she didn’t like it, so we switched meals J They had deep-fried twinkeis, which I had never had, so we ordered it to split it. WELL I still can’t even look at fried stuff because of the Monte Cristo sandwich I had last night. My body does not appreciated when I eat fried stuff, and I usually can’t eat anything fried for a week without feeling sick. Needless to say, Rebekah at the Twinkies J

We headed back to the hotel, and are now having a much needed relaxing night! Tomorrow is a full day of Disney!


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tgivens87 said...

I love your trip this summer!