Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Days 20, 21, 22 and 23

Well, it's late (for about the umpteenth time) and I don't feel like spending the time to make 4 separate blog posts. So you get something special! 4 in 1. That's the good thing about this being my blog. I can do what I want. :)

Day 20-To Montana we go!
Our evening on the train was very nice, and we both slept from 10-8. We got off the train shortly after and spend a little while waiting for our host to pick us up. Once she did, we drove back to her house (which was lovely!) but heard the unfortunate news that she had been robbed the night before! She was quite busy with trying to find the thief, and so we offered to just stay in a hotel in town so she wouldn’t have to drive us back and forth. We found a motel and booked it, but we had to wait until 3pm to check in, so we just walked down the country road for a while. Montana is just as beautiful as I expected! I love the rolling mountains, tall green trees, fields filled with flowers, and light breeze that makes for a beautiful scene. We got dropped off at the motel, and pulled our suitcases up quite the hill. The motel is very convenient though, because it is right next to the train station. (literally we can see the station from our room! We unpacked and then went to explore the tiny town of West Glacier that is just about a 5 minutes walk from us. The town is cute, and we booked a white water rafting trip for the morning. Then we went to a little café right by our motel and had huckleberry pie with huckleberry ice cream while waiting for our pizza. Now we are back in the motel resting and watching some tv! A wonderful day even though not quite what we expected!

(What I do on the train. Color and look out the window while listening to my travel playlist. Such peaceful times.)

Day 21- Adventures in Montana.
We went white water rafting today! This is something I have always wanted to do, and we weren’t sure if we would get to do it, but we did! As I have said quite a few times before, I love water. I also love anything to do with water, and white water rafting was no exception! It decided to pour this morning. It was lovely to wake up to the piter pater of rain, but it did make our walk to breakfast a little wet today. We went down to the little diner right by our motel and had some huckleberry pancakes, which were just amazing!

Then off we headed through the rain to the rafting place. We thought our trip might be canceled because of the thunder and lightning but it stopped right before we got there. We suited up, which was just basically throwing a wind breaker over our shorts and t-shirt. We then headed out for a bus ride up the river. We started rafting, and basically floated for 45 minutes. Then we hit our first rapid! Though the water was cold, and we did get splashed quite a bit, it was a blast! My favorite raid was called Jaws. When we were in the middle of it, a big wave hit us so hard that I flew up in the air (luckily I landed in the center of the raft) We went through about 10 more rapids before it was all over. There were also a couple times when the water was calm, and we could jump in. No one wanted to do it because it was super cold, but 4 out of the 6 of us did end up jumping it. When I went in a just slid off of the raft onto my back. It was freezing cold, but I’m still glad I did it J The rapids we went on where 2’s and 3’s. Both Rebekah and I agreed that we would love to do some 4 and 5’s next time we go J

After we got back, we were sooping wet, and walked back to our hotel. Luckily our room was ready early, and we both changed snuggled in under the covers while eating leftover pizza for lunch and watching a movie. We both fell asleep, and ended up sleeping until about 6. Then we got up and went on a walk, dropping some postcards in the mailbox and buying some lunches for the train the next few days. Off we went to the little diner by our motel for dinner. I got the black and bleu salad, which was steak and bleu cheese, and it was just wonderful. Then we went back to the motel room and rested for a bit, and then headed down to the diner again for some more huckleberry and razzleberry pie. Both were wonderful, even though I think we both liked the razzleberry pie best. Off to bed we went!

Day 22- Farwell Montana- hello train!
The morning started out with me checking the train and seeing that it was a couple of hours late, so we slept in. We had a relaxing morning packing up, and then headed off the train station. The train ended up being about 3 hours late, but we got to have a nice morning so it was fine J We are now on the train, and have about 36 hours remaining until we reach Chicago. I can’t believe that our trip is almost over, but I have had such a wonderful time!

Day 23- Train and more train.
This is a description of my day:
Eat, write, read, watch movie. Repeat. Repeat again. Find out train is running 4 hours late, and repeat again. 

Not joking. That is exactly what I did all day. But good news! I finished one book and now I am half way through 2 others. And I got a lot of thoughts off my mind onto my computer.

Then we found out that our train was running so late that we missed our connection to Holland, Michigan. So we are now staying overnight in a hotel (compliments of Amtrak, of course) in the outskirts of Chicago. Exciting times!


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