Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 15- Oregon

Our day started out with a little bit of sleeping in and packing up. Last night was our last night at Aunt Darcy and Uncle Mike’s. It was sad to be leaving but we still had a full day ahead!

The first thing on our agenda was to see the redwoods! We headed down to the Redwood national forest which was about 45 minutes away. On the way we stopped to see the Smith river, which was just stunning. We stopped to get drinks at a cute little dinner in the middle of no where, and then we stopped to stick our feet in the river. It was a little cold for this time of year, but still beautiful. There is something so relaxing about the sounds of water running over rocks!

When we got to the Redwoods we got out and walked on a trail for a couple of minutes. I have many memories of coming to the Redwoods as a child. I remember walking through and looking up at these trees, not even being able to comprehend why and how they got so big. This time I had a little more comprehension, but they still amazed me.
After we headed back home and on our way stopped for a “quick” hike to see some natural bridges. We could see them a little bit from above. Rebekah and I were just going to very quickly head down the trail and see them closer. Except we encountered a small problem. The trail split. I thought we should take the one that looked like we were walking through  a jungle, but Rebekah said it was a bad idea and it looked like when they guy in Beauty and the Beast chose the path that led to wolfs. But we went down it anyway, climbing over tree trunks and going through thorny bushes. About 10 minutes later we are at the end of the trail after many interesting experiences. We made it back up, through all of that again, still not great view of the bridges. It was quite the adventure!

We left in the afternoon for Eugene, and it was a lovely road trip. I just love Oregon! The drive was beautiful. We had Thai for dinner, which was excellent! We are now in a hotel and well soon sleep and then wake for a very early train tomorrow morning!


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