Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 16- Oregon to Seattle (Via Portland!)

Today was quite adventurous. The morning started out bright and EARLY at 4:25am. We head from Eugene to Portland on a quick trip, eating breakfast and watching a movie. In Portland we were able to store our bags at Union Station, and so we had about 4 hours to explore Portland!

One of Rebekah’s friends had recommended Voodoo doughnuts and so we headed straight there. I got a doughnut covered in Oreo’s peanut butter and fudge. It was crazy sweet but amazingly delicious. Since we had so little time and didn’t really know what do, I called my sister and she told us to go and take a picture of every coffee shop we saw. We also were looking for fair trade coffee shops and record stores for her. We ended up seeing all of downtown Portland, walking from Coffee shop to record store, and meeting some cool people in between. Portland is like the Austin of the Northwest, and I love it. Their motto is Keep Portland Weird, and it is filled with hippies and hipsters. Though I don’t exactly fit in either category, a lot of them are awesome people J

Next came the train from Portland to Seattle, with another movie and lunch. And maybe a nap or two as we had gotten up at 4am! When we arrived in Seattle, we had to find our way to the ferry, which was a little more difficult then it sounds. Not only did we have to weave our way around horrible construction, but we had to drag all of our luggage, which if you read our LA adventures you know that amount of luggage is not small. So we are dragging our entire homes down the street, and my wheels work wonderfully, but they will occasionally not work, and then when they decide to have a mind of their own, my suitcase runs into people, things and falls over, with the cooler and bag I have on top of it. Then the bread that is in the bag falls out in the middle of the road and I pick it up and carry it across the road while dragging my suitcase with bags falling off.

I think God was using this experience to teach me some meekness (which is much needed on my part!) I really wasn’t that frustrated about the stupid suitcases; I was more frustrated that the things they were doing were making me look stupid. They were making me look like a fool in front of other people. And I hate that. I always want to look put together and I didn’t. And it was ok. I survived.

We rode the ferry (a beautiful hour long ride!) over and our Couchsurfer hosts picked us up. From the moment we met them they were just awesome! We piled their van high with our luggage and off we headed. From the moment we got in the car we talked and laughed and had a fantastic time. And we learned that they have hosted over 100 people in the last 2 months. WOW.

When we arrived at the house we met lots of amazing people. The hosts have 5 kids, and then there is a total of 12 couch surfers staying with them tonight! From all over; A couple from New York, Utah, Cota Rica, Cetch Rebublic, Mexio and more! It has been a blast meeting and spending time with all of them and I can’t wait to hang out with them more.

Let me just attempt to give you a glimpse of the amazing night we have had here.
To start off with about 6 of us cooked dinner together laughing and joking in the kitchen. Then about 20 people ate dinner together wherever they could sit. Then as some people ran to the grocery store, us girls turned on a movie and baked some amazing cookies together! I have learned so much about so many different cultures and people, tonight, I am in heaven! And it feels like one big family! Best night so far!

Sorry for no pictures. It is super late, and we have to get up super early. So maybe tomorrow?


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