Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 12- Sacramento to Gold Beach, OR

We don't have wi-fi, so I am writing on my phone. Please excuse typo's This morning started out as the sub rose, and peaked through the curtains in our train seat. I slept really well overnight, even though I did not get quite a full nights sleep. We had breakfast on the train, did our indivial things, and then started a movie together. Once again, the train is such a wonderfully relaxing place. I am looking forward to our two really long trips. They should be so enjoyable. After the train arrived in Eugene around two, my Aunt picked us up. She let me drive, which I so enjoyed. I have become my daddy's daughter. I love just driving long road trips and looking around. This 3 1/2 hour drive was just stunning. Trees and mountains on either side, a river flowing through the valley. Aunt Darcy had a new blues CD which made the trip all the more relaxing! We arrived in Gold Beach, which holds many childhood memories for me, as my mom grew up here, so we have made quite a few trips to visit. She has shown me all around her old stopping grounds, and I am so looking forward to Doing the same with Rebekah!! ~Rebekah

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