Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 9- LA to Sacramento! (and a review of week one.)

As I sit here, writing this, I am looking out the window at mountains with yellow fields below. Cows casually grazing throughout and hills out the other window, it is a beautiful scene that I will not soon forget.

We are spending the day on the train, getting into Sacramento at 11:59 tonight. This is only our second long train ride, and our first one that we actually get to spend the day on. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The seats are about two times the size of airplane seats, and they recline almost fully. You can get up out of your seat and walk around any time you wish, and there is a snack car and a dining car for food service. My favorite part of the train though is the Observation room. It is lined with windows floor to ceiling, with seats and tables facing them. This is one of the most gorgeous Amtrak routes, as it follows the coast all the way up to Seattle. Playing cards, while looking out over the Pacific ocean earlier made every extra hour spend here worth it.

Since we are on the train all day, and there is not a whole lot for me to tell you about, I decided to do a recap of the trip thus far.

 My favorite moments:
  1. Snorkeling with Rebekah at La Jolla cove.
  2. Holding a sleeping baby for 2 hours at the food pantry in San Diego.
  3. The bus tour of the San Diego zoo, learning many interesting facts.
  4. Walking a mile to a bus stop in San Diego through neighborhoods filled with amazing houses overlooking the harbor.
  5. Eating at ArriviDerci
  6. Sitting on the grass, eating ice cream, waiting for the hotel shuttle.
  7. Watching the World of Color show at Disney
  8. Eating Mac and Cheese at Silo, downtown LA.

It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by, and yet it seems like forever ago that we embarked on this journey. San Diego has been my favorite city so far (though we have technically only gone to two) the weather there made everyday enjoyable, as well as the gorgeous scenery. I would love to marry a man in the Navy, just so we could be stationed there J

I have to say, that if it weren’t for Disney, LA would not have been that enjoyable. After experiencing the amazing bus system in San Diego, where it was always on time and the bus drivers were friendly and helpful, it was very hard to transition to the LA system, which was almost never on time, and very confusing. Not to mention many rude and unhelpful bus drivers. But Disney did indeed make up for all the stress in LA. I am a Disney fanatic, even at the age of 18. There is something beautiful and magical about Disney, the songs, the characters, the joy in everything; and the Disney parks take all of that and make it come to life right before your eyes.

And on to Scramento! Sometimes I sit back and say “am I really doing this? Traveling around the country with just my best friend?” Though I do travel a lot, and I have traveled quite a bit alone, when I travel I normally am meeting someone at my destination. (A lot of the time the family I am nannying for.) So to just keep traveling with just two people seems weird. But don’t get me wrong, it is very enjoyable. We have had many times of laughing, talking, and yes even crying. Cough cough Time Traveler’s Wife cough cough

I am excited for what the rest of the trip entails, after all, this was only the first week!



Aunt Polly said...

I'm not sure what your plans are in Sacramento, but the zoo there is beautiful! It's just a short trip to some amazing shrimp sandwiches in San Francisco!! You guys have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I had a good reason to cry! They were all so sad and DYING haha I still can't believe it got to me that much... oh well!

So I just caught up on your blog and it's awesome!!! I love hearing what you've thought of everything, and I also love stealing all your pictures ;)

Keep blogging!