Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 19- Seattle and Beyond

Today is our last and final day in Seattle! Yet another city that I could see myself living in, another city I have fallen in love with. As Rebekah and I were talking today we realized that the best thing about this city has been the people, mainly the people we stayed with. These hosts have blessed so many people! They are really just amazing, genuine people who like to have a good time. And because of that all of us surfers have a good time too!

As we headed out this morning it was sad to say goodbye, but good to start another adventure. We have affirmed, yet again, that we will never pack this much stuff for another trip. It really doesn’t help that one of the wheels on my suitcase has stopped working, so half the time I am dragging a 60 pound suitcase down the street! The two of us, our host, and another surfer headed to our host’s office to drop our luggage off. Remember those hills we had to walk up yesterday? The ones that were super steep and long? Well we had to take ALL of our stuff up a few. Luckily we had our sweet couchsurfer friend, and he pulled my suitcase while I pushed. We must have been quite the site going up that hill, because there were some business men staring out the window laughing hysterically at us. Thanks guys, thanks.

Once we did eventually make it there, we dropped the luggage off and headed out for our last day in the city! Today had been kind of cloudy, and as we were walking around looking for a coffee shop, it started to rain! (Imagine that, rain in Seattle?) We go in a coffee shop just in time, and sat doing some work on our computers until it was time to head to our movie. We were going to see Ice Age 4! The movie was ok. There were some hilarious parts where I laughed my head off, and then there quite a few just ok/boring parts. But over all it was a cute movie.

Afterwards we were looking around the mall for lunch, but couldn’t find much. All of us wanted pizza, so we found a cute little place a few blocks away. Mods pizza was awesome, and definitely reasonably priced. I got a Dillion James pizza, which had: sausage, basil, mozzarella, tomato and garlic. Delicious! Once we were done with lunch we had to say goodbye to our newfound friend, which was sad. Then off we went to pick up our luggage! We took a taxi from our host’s house to Union station, which even though it was only half a mile, it was a very long way to walk with a broken 60 pound suitcase!

We are now sitting in the train station waiting for our train which has been delayed at least an hour. It is so hard to believe that I will be home in just one week. I have been gone from my house for 34 days now and it seems like forever! So much has happened in that long, and I have enjoyed every moment of it! But truth be told, I am feeling ready to get back to my home, my family and my other friends. This has been the trip of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to enjoy the next week of it!


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