Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scuba Diving!!

Joyce and I in front of our scuba stuff!
So yesterday was my very last Scuba diving lesson! I am now officially an open water diver! Joyce was back (yay!) And J was allowed to come with us on our last two dives today. It was so much fun! Mr. Hudson came along and took some pictures so now i have pictures of us. We got ready and did one dive, Joyce tested me on just a couple of things, and then we went down for a 40 min dive! We saw all sorts of cool things, yet again. The water's visibility was not good at all though. J and I had to stick pretty close to Joyce so we could see her. She pointed out lost of cool stuff, but right at the begging we saw the biggest fish I or J had every seen. It was a barracuda! That was pretty freaky, it had huge teeth, and was bright blue, and I would guess around 3-4 feet long, I am not kidding! After it swam away we continued on, and I was having fun because I had discovered that you can control were you are in the water just by breathing, (they had told me this, but I didn't really believe them that it worked all that well.) When you breathe in your lungs fill with air, so you rise, when you exhale your lungs loose air and you sink, you can control where you are in the water just by either breathing normally, or breathing more in then out, or breathing more times out then in. It was fun to play around with this! I had only 8 pounds of weight instead of the 10 or 12 I had had the last times. The 10 pounds worked best, but when they didn't have two 5 pound weights, and the 12 pouds woudn't fit in the pocket and was a little too heavy. We mainly used 12 pounds when we were sitting on the bottom doing stuff, becuase other wise I would start floating away! :) Anyways, the first time we went we saw some shrimp too! When we came back we had like a 20 minute break, were we talked with Joyce and Mouse about dutch. That is both of theirs native language. I love listening to them go on and on in dutch.
Us getting ready with Mouse.
We then went out again, this time we went somewhere I had never been before. It was not nearly as pretty as where we normally went, but it was still fun! My favorite thing I saw in all of scuba diving, was the little plant looking things, that when you flicked at them with your finger, would disappear into themselves!
Joyce and I again.

Other then scuba we have been exercising in the morning, (swimming laps in the pool), playing lots of chess,
watching monks, baking stuff, cooking stuff, cleaning the house and kitchen
doing lots of school, and science,
and going to the beach. Yesterday morning Mrs. H and I got to go to a british ladies Coffee! That was so much fun, but while I was sitting there I was thinking about how much women are alike. There was a bunch of ladies some from england, Ireland, scotland, texas, canada and more. We were all from different walks of life, but we can still all get together and talk, and talk, and talk (and laugh :) God certainly made us women special!

So that is what has been up with me lately! My time here has just flown by, it is so very hard to believe that I am leaving in 3 days!

And yet another Sunset.

(All pictures in this post were taken by Mr. H, and belong to him.)


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