Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas decorating- and life.

So, since I have gotten home it has been a little (meaning VERY) crazy around here! Not really any stop time... especially time to sit for 30 mins and blog. But I really want to blog our Christmas decorations. This is the first year we have stayed at our house for Christmas in 3 years (the last 3 we went to Tucson where all our family lives, because we lived in TX.) So this year it was very exciting to pull out ALL the decorations and go all out. I absolutely love decorating anything, so decorating the whole house is just the best, (especially with all the joy in the air at this time of year!) So here are some pics of the decorations. I go much more creative this year then I did before. And I really like the result! I did even put up the outdoor lights!

(Alot of these pictures were shot on manuel too!)
After I did the cat's shoot Riley decided to take a try.. (he is not really asleep, but I think it's just too cute!)
I love close-ups!
I love this nativity, my mom's father painted this, it is very beautiful and is sitting in my room this Christmas!
One of my favorite ornaments, I can remember putting this one up since I was little. I love Santa hanging of the ladder!
Same with the Angel, it's old, but there are so many memories with it!
I LOVE string lights up stairs... :)
Our favorite nativity scene, normally put on our mantle, but it does not fit here, so we put it front and center in the dining room.
Our mantle.
One of my favorite spots I decorated. We had a bunch of left over reindeer hats from a party last year, so I thought they would make great decorations for the basement staircase.
Our nativity scene in front yard.
Our wreath. It had never had anything on it before, but this year I got bored of it so I spiced it up a little with leftover ribbon from a sewing project. I love how the colors turned out!
The front of the house. Very simple lights, but I like it, I don't like over wellming amounts of lights.


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