Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i heart faces - "pets only."

So I am not really that big a fan of taking pictures of animals, but then my cat climbed in a bag, and I couldn't resist, then I just had to go and get a good pic for the challange. I will say, it is defiintly not my best, but I am very proud to annouce it is the very first time I shoot completly in MANUEL! I am so happy! Anyways, back to the cat. This is Teal'c she is the cutest fur/fluff/puff ball you have ever seen. She is named after the carecter on Stargate sg-1. When she is in "cuddle" mood she sits and "suckles" on whatever is within reach. I don't like cats at all, but she is fun to have around!

Here is the darling:

Head on over to i heart faces and check out some more adorable pet photo's!


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