Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More best of 09 :)

Here are a few more of my favorites... I have no idea how I will ever post all of them though! It is very hard to pick and choose! But I will try :)

This is another one of those heart-melting pictures for me..... why? Because I love these children dearly, they too put up with me dressing them all up and taking them outside on a wet, yucky day so they can sit infront of the camera yet again :)
But the reason I love this picture even more... is the LOVE you can see just flowing through both of them, their touch, the smile, the kiss. And the fact is, when I am able to capture a moment in time like that, that is what make photography worth it.
Why do I love this one? The composition, I love how it turned out. All the lines are perfect, the black bars behind her draw your eyes right to her, so do her perfectly shaped hands. I love her eyes and the little freckles on her face. And I adore her smile. That smile says it all.
This one... I love the focus. She is out and the flowers are in (focus.) This is one of the first times after getting my new camera I discovered what it could do with the focus. I also love those freckles, again, and the way she is "sniffing" the flowers, yet somehow still very aware her picture is being taken.

Love this one. She is one of my best friends. She is amazing. And one of the reasons I love this picture? The utter beauty. It is jaw-dropping. She is so darn stink'n pretty, and her look of elegance and class. Something you don't see in most 14 year olds. Don't thinks any words I use will explain it. But you can see your yourselves :)
Same girl. Same shoot. Yet another amazing picture. I love this one because it is her. It shows the other side of her. The fun hyper, loving out going 14 year old girl. Yet still her beauty, and innocence.

So hope you enjoy.... still much much more to come!


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