Thursday, December 3, 2009

Games and Scuba 2......

Just another sunset in Curacao!

So...... Yesterday was quite a wonderful day! I had diving again! First we did the academic part of the course, and I got a 90 and 2 100's on the first 3 tests. They were pretty easy, but I had studied all week. Then it was time for my first real dive! We got all geared up first, which I did pretty good at! (Almost no help.) And then we were off! As we started swimming it was so nice and relaxing, because your neutrally buyout you have to do almost no work to swim around. Right as we went under water we saw a really cool crab. Joyce pointed it out, and after we had finished she told me that it was really rare and she had never seen one before (and she has been diving for 16 years!) Then we got to the drop off. At least that is what I think of it as. It looked just like the one in finding Nemo, except it was slanted, and had coral all the way down, (Even though I would not really know because I could not even see the bottom.) Joyce told me to hold her hand and we started out, we swam along the wall of the drop off, and every so often she would stop and point stuff out. I saw all sorts of very cool things, fish and coral. At first I was scared, it was just weird to be floating in mid water, with like 50 feet below you, and you can't even see all the way down. Couple of times Joyce asked me if I wanted to let go of her hand (We can't really talk, we use hand signals.) and I think she got the point that I didn't by my death grip. At first it felt like she was the only thing holding me up, and I felt much, much more secure holding onto her hand. But while I was holding onto her hand, I was also enjoying all the amazing stuff! Down there it is like a whole nother world! Joyce said there was a big storm, about a year ago, that knocked over one of the docks (Well, it was a dock but not one you would think of as a dock, because it was quite a ways from shore with nothing attached to it.) And there were all the pieces sitting down on the slope. It was pretty cool to see! We where under the water for about 40 mins, and the farthest down we went was 10 meters. It was very cool! She kept showing me so many cool things and I would smile, but forget that I had the regulator was in my mouth and it almost fell out. After a while my jaw got very tired because of my smiling and I had to keep pushing the regulator all the way back in so it did not come out. I couldn't help myself! I finally let go of Joyce's hand about 10 minutes before we got back. We got to log the dive when we got out of the water, and she looked thorough the books pointing out all the creatures we saw! So over all it was amazing fun!
This is what my lens looks like when I walk outside because of all the humidity here!
In my spare time at the house, when we really don't have time to go down to the pool or beach, me and J have been playing Checkers or Chess. I have beat him at the only chess game we played so far, and he has beat me at every checkers game! He He, once I had four kings left, and he had one and he still beat me. I guess I will just have to improve my skills!
This is J's focus face, he makes it alot when we are playing :)


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