Sunday, December 27, 2009

Best of 2009

So alot of photographers have been doing the best photos of the year. I LOVE the idea. So all through the end of Dec I will be post my favorite photos of 2009!!

I absolutely adore this one. These are some of the most precious kidos in the whole world, I adore them with all my heart, and I love how they put up with me time after time of dressing them up and taking their pictures just to do it. This is right after I got my new D90 too, so I spent even longer figuring it out. Thanks guys!
So this amazingly sweet and beautiful girl is actually the cousin of the last amazing kidos! I got the pleasure of meeting her when I went to nanny for her cousin's family. We had a blast, and of course, I had to do a photo shoot of the kids while I was there, this is one of my favorites that came out of it!

This family was such fun to photograph. Not only did this awesome picture come out of the session, but this was my very first "official" LeslieJoy Phtography session!

So that's it for now.. but I have much, much more to post, so I will be back!


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