Saturday, March 17, 2012

Enjoying the little joys.

I have missed blogging the past week. It has been a normal week for me. (let me tell you, normal involves running around, babysitting every night and getting about 6 hours of sleep each night.) But I did get time to take a few pictures of the joys that God has been giving me lately.

The other day I was out with someone, and we were talking about the crazy DC traffic. I was telling her how many times I have been in a close call. And she said that I must get home at night and count my blessings. And I realized, I don't. But I most defintily should. This life is a gift. I could die tomorrow. So while I do have this life I want to enjoy each and ever moment.

My joys this past week:

Spring. Which includes one of my many favorites, flowers.
My new favorite skirt. It's pink. And Springy. And has pockets. Win. Win. Win

My name on wood. 

My memory board. And me as a 5 year old. And me and my best friend. And a card my late aunt made me for my 13th birthday.

Do it Gorgeously. An amazing book I found at a bargin. 

My angel trees

The coolest exhibit ever at the Hathorn museum in Dc.

Yes, that is thousands of little blue strings. And yes, you got to walk/run/skip through them.

Best gelato I have ever had. In DC one block up from Arcives//Navy Memorial stop.

Folding laundry on a sunny day with the window open.

My rainboots. Perfect colors for my new found obsession with spring.

Going through old photos for my graduation slide show.

Read:Spring Obsession. You can now wear spring on your feet.

Packing for Aspen. (let me just say, that laundry above, was from Hawaii. So I literally folded and put away my Hawaii laundry as I packed  for Aspen. Me=Crazy.)

Again, my new favorite skirt. Getting creative here, can't you tell?

Do a much needed cleaning to my bathroom.

Night time bible study with my kitty at my feet.

I hope to post at least three posts while I am in Aspen. This will be my fourth year there! I am SO excited1


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