Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hawaii-Day 19

We finished the rooms today! They look lovely. It's such a difference :)
After we finished we took the afternoon and drove to the opposite side of the Island, to Bellows AFB beach. It has one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in America! It really is just gorgeous.

The drive there was so pretty because you go up through mountains, or what is called the rain forest. And it is certainly called that for a reason! It POURED the whole way through the mountains. Everything was green and lush, such a stark contrast from the desert side of the Island which is only 10 minutes further down the road! 

On the way home, we saw a double rainbow!

Before {Dining room}

After {Dining room}

Before {Living room}

During {living room}

After! {Living room}

Bellow's Beach :

The water is such a pretty blue!

The blessing of a double rainbow from God. Every time I look at them I am reminded of God and His wonderful promise's!


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