Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hawaii-Day 20

This morning started out with Mr. and Mrs. B going skydiving for their anniversary!
After that soccer got rained out, so we stuck around the house and had a wonderfully relaxing morning. 
In the afternoon I headed over to the brand new Disney resort which is over in Ko Onlina. As I said before, I am a HUGE Disney fan, and I especially love their resorts. I have stayed at them a few times, and the service is the best I have ever had (even better then when I have stayed at the Ritz Carrolton and Embassy Suites) The hotel is just beautiful. of 75% of the rooms have an ocean view, and it is a gorgeous one. It's situated on a little lagoon, so there are no ruff waves, and it's a very kid-friendly beach. They have a few pools, and two lazy rivers, one that is fast paced and another that is more "lazy". There is tons more there, but that is all I personally saw. :)

The evening was spent playing outside and at McDonalds, which was fun. I loved watching the kiddos as they ran and played. It's fun to just sit back and watch children sometimes. Their joy is beautiful. If only every adult could have that :)

I have really been enjoying this song lately:

So much truth to it. 

(P.S) I LOVE comments! They make my day. Even if it is just a few words, or something totally unrelated, it's a blessing to me :) 

The Disney Resort:

Practicing letters (voluntarily)


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~Alina said...

That resort is beautiful! And that song is one of my favorites. It reminds me to enjoy every day and moment of my life, because before I know it, everything might change. :) Miss you!