Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank you God, for all my blessings.

Wow. Wow. That is all I can say.
I have been blessed more then I can ever start to say thanks back to my heavenly Father. He is amazing. He knows my every need. My every thought. My every desire. And he gives me exactly what I really need. He loves me more then I can imagine. I am definitely thankful to Him! I am also thankful for my amazing parents. They have loved me, cared for me and raised me to know my Savior. My siblings are amazing. I have so much fun with them. Yes we do fight, but we also have the time of our lives together. My friends, my house, me photography, my precious ones (That is what I call the children I babysit.) All of these, and more then I can list, is what I'm thankful for. And I pray, that I will always and forever remember these things every single day.

I was trying to get a new picture for my profile. I wanted that had me and children, or me and my camera. So Here is what I got.... please tell me if you have a favorite!

My fav: Babies and Cameras!

Sweetest boy!

Such a happy baby!

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