Monday, November 2, 2009

Beautiful family.

So I sent an e-mail advertizing my business over the homeschool group and I have been absolutly crazy sense! Here is a family I did this saturday. It was lightly raining when she picked me up. We did the first half of the shoot in sprinkiling rain, then it got harder and harder till there were pretty big drops coming down! (Not pouring, but raining hard.) So if you look at one of the last pictures, you will see the kids hair getting wetter and wetter :)

So this is my fav, they are just the cutest family!!

In this one their grandma is behind me making them laugh so they all have really cute faces!
I adore this one, even though I love doing poses I also love abstract-type portraits. SO alot of the time I do a mix. This one totally says to me LIFE. I mean really, look at it :)

Rebekah :)

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