Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am in Miami in the USO (Millitary lounge.) We left our house at 6 am this morning for the airport. I didn't go to bed till 12:30 last night, becuae I was packing! For the second time I got stopped at securtiy (same bag) and they had to do some type of test on it. I don't know what happens. They won't tell me, and I get it back in like 5 mins. I watch them take a wand with some type of pad on the end, then they stick the pad in a machine. Then when it beeps they let me go. I think it might be some type of test for drugs.... the first time I thought it was just random. But now that it happened again, I am thinking not. I had to go out of security to get to the USO so I am praying real hard that I have no problems at all getting back in! The airport was real quiet this morning, I had trouble finiding some good breakfast becuae alot of the restraunt were busy. But I ended up with a malt, sauge and a muffin.

The flight went well, no problems. But I swear that miami is the most confusing airport in the world! I printed off a map before hand, but that didn't really help that much. It is horrible! It is also not the nicest. But oh well, atleast I didn't have any problems. I did ask like 5 people where to go though, which is a first for me (at airports atleast.)

When I got ot the lounge it was filled with smoke and a very loud beeping was going off. I thought there was a fire and almost didn't go in, but he said come in. It was just something had burnt in the microwave. But BOY! Was the somke! You could barley see. Then the fire department arrived, but they just icnored us.

So I will try to write mroe later, but It is going wonderfully so far!


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