Monday, November 30, 2009

Cuarcao-First day

(The view from the pourch.)

Wow, Wow, Wow. That is all I can say about the beauty here! It is fun to just sit on the pourch and stare out at the blue ocean, the green hills, and the beach. It has been very sunny and the clouds are just perfect balls of white!

(My breakfast at the airport yesterday)

I will say it is humid though! Very humid. I stepped of the plane at 9 at night and imidently felt the humidy cling to me. It is also very warm. VERY warm. It is so weird to just have come from a place that is having 40 degree weather and rain all the time, to warm bright and sunny beaches. But I like it!

First of all I should tell you how I came to Curaco. We have friends that lived down the street from us in TX, that I got very close too. They found out they were moving to Curacao for a year. I got invited to come visit them sometime! They came back about a month for Thanksgiving, and I ended up going back with them, the 28th of Nov! I am so blessed, I get so many chances to explore this beauitful world God has given us.

(the view from the pourch, and the apartments)

I love adventures, exploring wierd places, and seeing life from other people's points of view. So this was quite the chance to do just that!
So, I met up with the firends in the Miami airport, and the second flight went well. It was only about 2 hours and 40 mins. I love flying, so I was wishing that it had been longer, but when I was on the plane I was so excited to get here, I was just wanting the flight to end!
Someone picked us up from the airport, and we headed to the apartment. I love it. Even though it is small, and the washer takes 4 hours becuae it is SO water efficent, it is beautiful. The view from the pourch is just to die for! We get up and go sit on the pourch to eat our breakfast, it's just like a dream.

Yesterday morning, we got to sleep in a bit. When we finally woke up we scronged for breakfast (they had almost no food, because they had been gone for so long.) And then me and one of thier children, walked down to the beach. There is a bunch of beahces around here, but their favoirte is a private beach owned by the Marriot hotel. They have a membership to it, and that was the first beach I went to! Aww... I can not even describe the amazing feeling of walking on the beah in a sun dress, with the wind blowing, and the water laping at your feet, in DEC! It was so fun! After that we met up with their father and went down to get me signed up for Scuba Diving lessons. Yes, that's right, SCUBA DIVING! My first lesson is today. I am SO excited! I think it is going to be very cool! I can't wait to write about how it went.......

We decided to go into town to the biggest grocery store on the island (which is about the size of a very small grocery store in the US. But first we headed to lunch. We parked and walked quite a ways before finding a restraunt that was open on Sundays. The one we found was SO busy because it was one of the only ones open and it had shade. We waited forever for a table in the shade and then for lunch, but we kept our mind off how hot it was in the meantime by playing I-spy. One thing I forgot to mention eariler.... the Iguanas! They are absolutly every where and I am not kidding. You see them just running here, and there, and sitting in the branches of trees sunbathing. It is so funny! Yesterday while we were eating lunch a dude came by holding one showing it off. I am not kidding, it was the size of his arm!

Some parts of the town we where in where not so nice, others were ok. It defintly reminds me of pictures I have seen of mexico, but some of the buildings are alot more colorful, and parts of town are much prettier. They love to eat fried plantes here, which I have come to enjoy. They are so sweet though it is almost like desert! We stoped at a floating market which was so cool! It was sitting along the river, and people had little boats that were sitting behind the the stands, they just brought the fruits and vegtables up from the boats and sold them. There were flies everywhere and it did seem a bit dirty, but I love markets like that!

The grocery store was fun, they had basically the same food that ones at home do, just mixed with the local foods. I bought some weird hazelnut spread (kind of like nutella) That I hope to try today for lunch. Over all it was a fun, but VERY exasuting afternoon. We probally had walked over 4 miles at this point.
After getting home and unloading groceries, we decided to go snorkiling, before dinner. This is something I had never done, before, but I was very excited about it! The first minuted I got in the water and started swimming I was a little scared, we were just floating in the ocean and I had it felt very weird to be trusting my snorkel for air. But after a while I loved it! We didn't go to far out, just to some reefs off the coast, they we beautiful! I saw so many cool things I had never seen before in person, it was like a whole different world. We even spotted an ocopus whihc is an extremly rare thing! The ocopus was only about the size of two hands together. But very cool! I kept trying to dive, but I never really got to hang of blowing the water back out of the snokel, I ket inhaling first, or blowing it out of my nose, whcich got my mask filled with water and salt water down my throat. Over all, an exsperience of a life time! Defintily something to do if you get a chance!
So that was basically my day yesterday, this morning I am gettting some schoool done, but mainly just enjoying being here!

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