Saturday, July 3, 2010


Things are constantly on my mind. Constantly. I am not one of those deep-thinker types, but I do think, a lot. I more like to think and plan. Now, sometimes this works out wonderfully, and sometimes not so wonderfully. I have to learn that even though planning ahead can be real helpful, but I can't let my plans become all consuming to the point that I don't trust God anymore.

I have so many dreams. So many hopes. So I started thinking, is my dreaming bad? How, truly, does it benefit me. I know a few things. I know that God gives me some of my dreams. I know He encourages me to think. Then I realized, dreaming is a gift from God. He places each and every dream on my hear for a reason. He may not fulfill every dream, actually I know He won't. But they still have a reason for being on my heart. Only God can see the big picture. I just know that right now, I am part of it. And I am looking forward to the day when I can see how all my dreams came together. 

So, my dreams. I have way to many. I like to day dream. I like to form more realistic dreams. I like to plan certain things out, I like to rearrange a room in my head, according to my design style. I like to plan a picture out before I take it. I need to be careful about how much I dream. I need to also focus my mind on God. I want my mind to be completely His. I want Him to all-consume me. I want His light to shine through me, and this will only happen if I am His.

So, this summer, I have decided to make my bucket list. 100 of my dreams. I am doing this, because I want to look back in the future, and see how God has used every single one of these 100 dreams in my life. So by the end of the summer, I hope to have my top 100 dreams :)


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