Friday, July 23, 2010

Yes, I am opinionated. VERY opinionated. Just about some things. Other's things I couldn't care a lick about.
Honda Odysseys.
I am in LOVE with Honda Odysseys. Every since I had my first ride in one, I have wanted to own one. The reason why I love them? They are beautiful, I love the look. They are just so cool :) They are also extremely versatile. This is probably the fact I love most. The middle row can change up from 3 seats, to two, and then the seats can move back and forth. This is something NO other minivan on the market has.  The two middle seats also slide forward instead folding forward. I love this. I could go on and on........ but people have told me that the Sienna drives better, why would I want a Odyessy? Because I would much rather the versatility and able to change things up according what I need. I have driven a Subrban/truck my whole driving life, anyting is going to drive better for me :)

Baby gear. Now this is a HUGE one.  When I used to play baby dolls everyday (i.e. 2years ago :) I started looking on and looking at baby gear for hours a day. I would read all the reviews, study them, look them up other places. And so soon I was pointing out gear whereever I went. I was memorizing stuff. And now I am kind of addicted. I LOVE baby gear. I love to study it, test it, and spend time looking at it. Ok so I have a small obseesion. Small :) My favoirte site for baby gear is it's done by a mom who tests it out, and then reviews it. She sees what REALLY works and what is actually practical. My sister knows (and hates) the sound of the video reviews very well. My sister and all of my friends say I will be the first person they will call before buying anything for their future children :)

Vera Bradley. I love Vera Bradley. SOMEONE (i.e. one of my best friends) Got me hooked. In the last 3 years I have bought 1. ONE non-Vera Bradley. lol. They are cute, 100% washable, and fun :)

Stargate SG-1, Monk, NCIS. My absolute FAVORITE shows of all times :)

Ok so that is a lot of them. But I need to go to bed :)


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