Friday, July 16, 2010

A little peak behind the Beks.

My full name is Rebekah Jean Kimminau. I like to sign my name this way. No one calls me Rebekah Jean, or even Rebekah. If someone calls me Rebekah I know they haven't known me very long. Most of my friends call me Bekah, somehow it is just eaiser to say. I do have many nick names though. My sister sometimes calls me The Beks. I have also gotten the name Bekasaur. Most everyone I baby sit calls me Miss Rebekah, I tend to refer to myself as Miss Rebekah anytime I am around babysitting kids, and a lot of times also in normal life :) I also have this habit of talking about myself in third person. It backfires a lot at me, people are always confused. Oh well, everyone will just have to live with Bekah. It's part of who she is :)

I am also a clean freak AND very OCD. I like everything to be clean, organized and in it's place. Some people call my room rediculously clean, I like to think of it as peaceful. :) My desk downstairs is another great example of how I wish I could make stuff all the time. I LOVE when stuff is organized, and I actually I rather enjoy organizing too :)
Not a great picture, but most of it is Ikea. Oh and a lovely chalkboard one of my friends made me for my birthday!

I also have this weird sense of hearing. I love certain sounds, I don't know why.  I love the sound of ice clanking against a glass of water. I love the ticking sound of the turn signal. I love the sound of little toddler feet pitter-pattering across the floor. But most of the time we miss these sounds because our world is so filled with things like media... but that is a whole nother post.

I also have things that I am passionate about. This includes but is not limited to:
All Baby Gear
Honda Odysseys

I do have a few things that bug me to death, you could call them pet peeves:
When people store stuff on top of their refrigerators.
When people leave knives just sitting in the sink.
When people assume that college is the only way to get an education.

I got a 30day trial of Lightroom, and I have been experimenting with it. I LOVE it!

Night Night!


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