Thursday, October 1, 2009


So I actually keep I diary every night...and one night I thought....why not blog instead? So I am going to try it and see how it works.

I used to always get frustrated with people.... even though I knew I was not an adult...I got frustrated because people did not treat me like one. Then a few days ago God finally hit me over the head. I was thinking about what makes someone mature.....and God brought to my mind all the exsperiences I have had over the years... especially the ones with children. And I realized EXSPERIENCE, not knowledge is what makes someone truly mature. I mean think about it... someone can read how to spoon feed a baby for their first time... and they can see picture... but someone else who has had the EXPERIENCE of actually spoon feeding a baby is going to know better what to expect. Even though I think knowledge is important... I think knowledge and experience together = wisdom. On this topic, it also brought up thoughts about Homeschooling. Public school kids can sit at a desk all day long reading text books.... while us homeschoolers are out and seeing and EXPERIENCING everything they are just reading about :)

I also thought I should give people who don't know me a brief backround.
I name is Rebekah...(Middle Jean after my grandmother.) I love the Lord with all my heart soul, and mind, and my top desire is to do His will! I am 15, I curently live in Alexandria VA, after my dad (who is in the millatary) got transfered here. I LOVE babies, and children and anything to do with them. I also love Portrait Photogrpahy, and recently opened a new business ( I know almost anything about baby gear you would possibly want to know. I also love interier desgin and decorating. Another one of my weird hobbies is playing with names, making up names etc. I have some amazing friends around the world from all my moves, and my goal for the future (other then serving the Lord) is to one day that God will bless me with a husband and LOTS of children.

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Alexander said...

Hey Rebekah! Gina here. I think that I'm signed in as Alex, but not sure why. I followed the link on your FB posting. I don't know if it's because Alex has a gmail address and I'm yahoo or what. Anyway, this is the first time I've been here and I've enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing!

How do you sign-up to be a follower? I clicked on the Follow button, but it just kept loading and loading and not going anywhere.