Saturday, October 24, 2009

Touring DC

So this week I had my Aunt and Uncle from OR and my Grammy from AZ here. I spent almost every day downtown touring DC. On monday we saw the holocaust museum. And the family went home and my Aunt, Uncle and I went on a bus tour. The bus tour was really cool. It was a double decker bus, and we went all over. The Lincon Memorial was amazing, it is WAY bigger then it looks. It was just beautful! On Tuesday, we went back down in the morning, and toured more, we took the bus again down to the Washington monument, (which again, is just WAY taller then you could ever imagine.) Wednesday was relaxing. Thursday Grammy was added to our trio, and we toured the Arilington Cemetery. Even though it was beautiful an amazing, it was defintily not my favorite part of DC. I like touring places and learning about all the history, but after a while, I just get tired of looking at graves. (And I am a very optomistic person, so I really don't like focusing on death for to long.... 4 hours pushed my limit.) :) Thursday afternoon we went to the White house visiters center, because we had a White House tour the next morning. Friday our White House tour was at 8:30 so we had to leave at 7. The metro really was not too busy even though we were thinking it would be beaause of rush hour. The White House was just beautiful. But, they have EXTREMLY strict rules. No purses even. Only our pockets and one wallet. No cameras at all, and cell phones and ipods turned off. No lipstick. You get the point. So unfortanly I have no pictures of Friday. They were getting set up for the president to fly out on Marine One. (his Heilo) and had to prepare the south lawn. We got to see some very beautiful rooms, and were actually in the same building as President Obama at the same time :)

Here are pictures from our travels

The Changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery.
Looking back toward the Lichon Memorial from the World War 2 memeorial.
The amazingly Beautiful World War 2 memorial.
In front of the Lichon memorial looking over the reflecting pool ( Forest Gump.) and the Washington Monument.
The Capitol.

Arlington Cemetery
The Three with a beautiful view of DC in the background (at Arlington Cemetery.)

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