Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baking and sleeping.

Today was very intresting. I stayed up till almost one last night. I turned off my alarm so I could sleep in. Well, 12 hours later (12:19) I woke up! That is the longest I have ever slept! Before that my record was 9 am. God obviously thought I needed my sleep. Well the rest of the day, I baked and cooked. First I made too much chocolate cake which is the very top dessert recipie on I am brining it tomorrow to church, I hope people like it! Here is a picture and the recipie. It was extremly easy, please leave a comment if you try it!
The next the I made was chocolate oatmealcookies, but I haven't finished them yet, because they needed to be refigerated, but I am
going the finish them in the moring. I really like the cookies dough though :)
And continuing with the Rachel Ray dinners I made Pork chops with apple cider gravy, apples, onions, and sweet potatoes. It was soooo yummy and
family said it was deffinitly a keeper. My dad and Erin and Riley did not like the sweet potates, so next time I am goigng to make half the
sweet potates, and half potates so that we all like it. But the best part was the porkchops and gravy. It was sooooooooo good! We all
loved it!! I hope you try it, and again, please leave a comment if you do.
good night, I should not be up this late... (midnight!)

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